Team DSM's 2022 season

Innovations for 2022 race season

Team DSM's 2022 season

DSM are proud to be the main partner of the Team DSM Pro Cycling team. Our partnership reflects our common goal: to advance performance through nutrition. 

DSM provides Team DSM with cutting-edge products and technology to help them maximize their potential across the four core areas of performance: focus, endurance, resilience, and recovery. In return, riders’ feedback, insights, and data enable DSM to better see and shape the future of nutrition.

Performance through HiMO™ Blend 5

Supporting Gut Health at the Limits of Human Performance


HiMO™ Blend 5 is the latest example of how our products are being put to the test to aid rider resilience.  


Tackling digestive distress for high-performance athletes 

Endurance athletes suffer more gut distress than the general population, as the extended demands of elite sport can cause stress to the gut. In fact, the gastrointestinal symptoms of professional sportspeople can mimic those of irritable bowel syndrome.

The extremes to which Team DSM riders push their bodies make them ideal partners to test our ground-breaking blend of Human-identical Milk Oligosaccharides (HiMO™). Like those found in breast milk, these unique carbohydrates feed good gut bacteria. With gut distress having race-changing implications for athletic performance, Team DSM is eager to find a solution that keeps up with the rigors of road cycling. 


A breakthrough in rebalancing the gut 

DSM and Team DSM are dedicated to evidence-based nutritional innovation and our scientists are exploring how DSM’s new HiMO™ Blend 5 supports the gut by promoting good bacteria (specifically bifidobacteria).  

Together with Team DSM’s sports nutrition partner Sanas, DSM has developed Gut Complex 5, with HiMO™ Blend 5 as the main ingredient. We aim to prove that our unique blend of five types of HiMOs can support gut health for athletes, strengthening the gut barrier and improving the balance between good and bad bacteria. 


Putting our new product to the ultimate test

We are excited to partner with Team DSM to explore how we can mitigate gut distress from intense exercise. Throughout the 2022 season, world tour riders will be trialing the novel HiMO™ Blend 5. Riders will collaborate closely with nutritionists to monitor their experience and record how product intake affects individual resilience.

This joint research is yet another unique opportunity through our partnership of co-innovation: to test DSM products at the limits of human performance for the nutritional benefit of people across the world. 

Performance through CanolaPRO®
Plant Protein for Recovery


CanolaPRO® is just one exciting example of how our products have been put to the test to aid rider recovery.  


Protein: the foundation for athletic recovery

Protein is the key macronutrient in muscle-building and recovery. For the professional cyclists of Team DSM, races can stretch on for weeks at a time, so they need to bounce back as much as possible—as quickly as possible—between each grueling stage.

Intense exercise causes muscle damage and muscle fatigue. The quality of a protein drives recovery, but endurance sports like cycling can compromise the digestive system, making it harder for riders to effectively digest even high-quality proteins. 


Soluble, sustainable, and easily digestible sports protein

Sourced from canola (also known as rapeseed), DSM’s CanolaPRO® is a highly soluble and easy-to-digest plant protein. It is a sustainable source of protein and more amino-complete than other plant proteins.

Rich in cysteine (which may help protect against exercise-induced muscle damage), the high-quality protein from CanolaPRO® maximizes uptake and aids efficient muscle recovery. Together with Team DSM and their sports nutrition partner Sanas, DSM has developed a vegan protein bar with CanolaPRO® as the key ingredient. CanolaPRO® can also be consumed in ready-to-drink and ready-to-mix beverages.


From improved athletic recovery to better nutrition for everyone 

DSM is monitoring the feedback from Team DSM’s consumption of CanolaPRO® bars in personalized nutrition programs. Together, we’re learning how this new protein product contributes to muscle recovery and overall performance.

With CanolaPRO®’s versatility across applications (including meat and dairy alternatives), the solutions we develop from our partnership will go on to offer nutritionally effective and sustainable protein solutions for the vitality of people across the world.

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