Committed to keeping our healthcare heroes safe

Across the world healthcare professionals are putting themselves on the line protecting and supporting our well-being. They work tirelessly day and night, constantly facing invisible infectious threats that could potentially impact their own health and that of their loved ones. Without question they deserve to have the best possible protection as put simply, without these heroes there would be no care.

As recently highlighted by the UN World Health Organization, the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and recent SARS, MERS and Ebola outbreaks have emphasized the importance of providing healthcare professionals with high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE). This importance is why DSM has been committed to material science innovations that enable medical PPE to provide uncompromising protection and comfort for our healthcare heroes for more than 20 years.

Arnitel® VT in medical gowns

Peace of mind for healthcare professionals

DSM focuses on enhancing the material protective properties for medical garments and PPE, because healthcare professionals depend on them to carry out their work with confidence in any situation.

DSM’s Arnitel® VT is a polyester-based block copolymer thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Once manufactured into medical gowns, Arnitel® VT forms a monolithic membrane, which provides a 100% effective barrier against bacteria and viruses, in addition to excellent tear resistance.

Compared to other materials, Arnitel® VT provides best-in-class protection whilst remaining breathable - so medical workers remain comfortable through their challenges and long shifts while minimizing the risk of exposure to infections. The material also provides excellent durability, strength, design flexibility and is 100% recyclable.


Arnitel® VT provides best-in-class resistance to fluids and microbes and is certified: 

  • AAMI PB70 level 4 in the US (4 being the highest level of protection)
  • ISO 16603 level 6 in the EU (6 being the highest level of protection)
  • CNS 14798 in China


Arnitel® VT  offers excellent breathability without compromising protection (compared to microporous materials).


Arnitel® VT is 100% PFC free and recyclable.

The future: Advancing sustainable protection

The safety and well-being of both healthcare professionals and patients will always be intrinsically inseparable. Major disease outbreaks in recent years have highlighted the significance of this and need to better protect the safety of our healthcare heroes so that they are able to take care of us.

DSM is committed to innovating and continuing our strong partnership with leading global medical PPE manufacturers to deliver best-in-class protection and comfort. However, as global need for medical equipment and disposable PPE grows, so does the problem of medical waste. That is why DSM is also working to develop material solutions to increase opportunities for recycling and reuse. Visit the DSM Engineering Materials website to learn more about our material science innovation for the medical industry.

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