Less sugar, naturally

Sweetening the sugar-reduction deal

A science-based solution

With weight gain and obesity on the rise around the globe, the food and beverage industry was looking for ways to offer consumers healthier, low-calorie versions of popular food and drink products. In particular, there was growing demand for non-artificial sweetener ingredients made from natural sources. As a leading developer of sugar-reduction solutions, DSM was well placed to address this emerging - and complex - market need.


Finding the sweet spot

Drawing on our deep knowledge of fermentation and product development, DSM’s Food Specialties business set to work on developing a new, non-artificial sweetener. As non-artificial sugar reduction is a relatively new field, the team regularly consulted with customers and consumers during the early stages of the project to fully understand their wishes and requirements.


After intensive research and development, we produced AVANSYA™ Reb M, a non-artificial sugar-reduction product made from fermented Stevia. This innovative, carefully formulated sweetener offers consumers a great, pure taste that closely resembles sugar. What’s more, it is delivered via a sustainable, scalable production process that ensures a competitive cost-in-use for food and drink producers.

A team effort

Because of the strict regulatory requirements for sweetener ingredients, bringing AVANSYA Reb M to market still presented a major challenge. Our Food Specialties team worked closely with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States to ensure the necessary requirements were met. Having gained approval for a US launch, the team is now working with regulators in Europe and other markets. This process involves a collaborative effort by DSM colleagues around the world, and the support provided by our regional regulatory experts has been especially crucial.


With the launch of AVANSYA Reb M, we are not only delivering a healthy, naturally sourced solution for food and beverage customers; we are also producing our ingredient in a sustainable way by leveraging our outstanding fermentation technology and expertise. And because our production processes are highly efficient and scalable, we are able to ensure that our solution remains cost-efficient for DSM’s customers, thus lowering the end cost to consumers. Because of our work, individuals can enjoy healthier, great-tasting low-sugar products at an affordable price.


AVANSYA Reb M has further strengthened our position in the global sugar-reduction market, which is worth an estimated $90 billion annually. With multiple ingredient suppliers looking to enter this high-growth food and beverage segment, being able to offer a competitively priced product with proven sustainability credentials is a major commercial advantage. Our product’s unique value proposition gives us an excellent growth platform in this dynamic and rapidly emerging marketplace.

Introducing EverSweet™

In March 2019 DSM and Cargill announced the start of a 50/50 joint venture, Avansya, to produce the highly sought-after, sweet-tasting molecules, such as steviol glycosides Reb M and Reb D through fermentation. 

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