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Healthy food produced sustainably

To push towards healthy diets and create future-proof food systems we have to cooperate with others ranging from other industries, academics, NGOS and the public sector. DSM is an active member of different coalitions of organisations that have shared sustainability and nutrition ambitions, driving innovation and advocacy for healthy food produced in a sustainable way.
FReSH website


‘Food Reform for Sustainability and Health’ (FReSH) was founded by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the EAT Foundation in early 2017. Since then, nearly 40 WBCSD industry members from different regions have joined the project. DSM is an active member in the Leadership Committee (Feike Sijbesma), program Board and workstreams. The coalition aims to drive sustainable and future proof food systems, advocate the necessary dietary switches to improve peoples’ health within the boundaries of the planet, understanding and influencing consumer behavior and developing and promoting business solutions. For more information please visit

Partners in Food Solutions website

Partners in Food Solutions

Founding member of Partners in Food Solutions, a multi-sector partnership between DSM, General Mills, Cargill, The Hershey Company, Bühler and Ardent Mills. Working in partnership with TechnoServe and Root Capital it serves more than 600 small and growing food companies throughout Africa. Partners in Food Solutions is working to strengthen food security, improve nutrition and increase economic development across Africa by expanding and increasing the competitiveness of the food processing sector. Corporate volunteers from our consortium of world-class food companies are involved in projects with promising entrepreneurs in nine African countries. For more information please visit

SUN Business Network website

Scaling Up Nutrition Business Network

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Business Network represents the private sector in the SUN Movement. The Network recruits and supports companies who pledge to contribute to the improvement of global nutrition. DSM advocates for business to take a leading role on this important issue, with CEO Feike Sijbesma co-chairing the Advisory Group of the Network and being a member of the SUN lead group. As for the SUN Business Network, DSM assists in the recruitment and management of this 186-company strong network of national and multinational companies. For more information please visit

TiFN website


TiFN is a Netherlands based platform established in 1997 by industry and academia to develop innovations in food and nutrition that tackle major societal issues and generate competitive advantage. The platform focuses at precompetitive, long-term, strategic research. TiFN chooses for an integrated approach with multiple disciplines. Focal research programmes include: Sustainable Food Systems, Microbes and Function, Nutrition and Health and Sensory and Structure. Krijn Rietveld, DSM Food Specialties' Innovation Director is part of the TiFN Board. For more information please visit