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Decovery® plant-based resins

The evolution towards sustainable paint technology with Decovery®

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an important decision criteria for consumers in their buying behavior, as also shown in recent research across the globe. In the past, the paint industry has made a major step forward on sustainability through the introduction of waterborne paints. These waterborne paints still are however for a large part fossil based. DSM has created a revolutionary technology to replace these fossil-based components by renewable materials, lowering the environmental footprint even further without sacrificing performance.

Are you searching for paint that delivers outstanding performance while safeguarding the health of both people and planet? Decovery® is a family of eco-friendly coating resin solutions with a difference: they are made primarily from plants. As the heart & soul of biobased paint, Decovery® literally binds the product together, delivering a fine, durable finish in everything from kid’s furniture to walls and wood – creating healthy homes for people everywhere.

We believe that only by working together can we unlock the innovation, creativity and craftsmanship needed to reach our goal of making 100% plant-based paints a reality. So if you like what you see, why not join our movement to change the paint and coatings world.


Why choose Decovery®?

  • Performance

    Decovery® gives you a performance equal to or exceeding traditional waterborne acrylic paints and biobased alkyds.


  • Health

    Decovery® aims to reduce the levels of organic chemicals and other toxins in paint to ensure a safer, healthier environment.

  • Planet

    Fossil-based paints are a major cause of climate change. Which is why Decovery® contains mainly plant-based material.

How does plant-based paint benefit the planet?

Meet our Decovery® partners

  • Their mission is to protect and beautify the world with paints and coatings. 

  • Combining tradition and technological innovation in the finest wood coatings.

  • A traditional, family company with a passion for crafting sustainable doors.


  • A network of professionals dedicated to create more sustainable buildings.

  • A family-run business with a long track record in creating sustainable paints.

  • Formulating paints to enrich the design of furniture and joineries.

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