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The building industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world. The manufacture of conventional paints and coatings contributes massively to greenhouse gases and raises temperatures around the globe. The IPCC believes that even a 1.5°C average temperature rise may put 20- 30% of species, such as polar bears and African leopards, at risk of extinction.

Shockingly, we know that most conventional paints contain a large amount of oil. Take Europe, for example. The 1.5 million homes built this year will use 129,400 tons of paint. But if they were all painted with Decovery plant-based paints, that would save 51,350 tons of carbon which is the same as 2,703 fewer transatlantic flights. 

Even making just 10 litres of interior wall paints can add 40 KG of CO2 to the planet. Water-based paints were a step in the right direction, but even they still contain around 40% of oil and impact our environment.

Aim for zero is our mission to reduce the heavy toll we’re placing on the environment by creating paints with no oil at all. All this can be done without sacrificing on performance. Decovery® is a new high-performance paint ingredient that replaces more of the oil content in water-based paints and is found inside some of the world's best-performing paints. It’s made with renewable resources from plants and is manufactured with renewable energy.

As an industry we have a formidable power. We can change the way things are made, coated, and finished. With a few more conscious choices we really can make a big difference to the amount of oil we use, the environment and all the creatures that live within it.

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