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Time to put some plant in your paint?

Today, Decovery® is already being used to create healthy homes for people everywhere via eco-friendly paint, lacquers and stains across a wide range of interior and exterior applications (with potential for many more). From Building & construction to Furniture, Decovery® delivers a durable, dependable performance. It’s easy to apply – for both professionals and regular consumers alike. If you (or your customers) are looking to creater a building, Decovery® gives you a plant-based paint of the highest quality. 

Building & Construction

  • Decorative

    Decovery® is ideal for walls & ceiling, façade & exterior walls; doors, panels and window frames.

  • Flooring

    A Decovery® resin is now being developed capable of competing with current fossil based materials used in hard-wearing floor applications. 

  • Joinery & Façade

    Decovery® delivers a fine finish and excellent durability – in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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  • General furniture

    Decovery® helps create durable furniture with a fine finish.

  • Kitchen cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets need to withstand a lot (including moisture). Decovery® meets the challenge.

  • Kids’ furniture

    Decovery® helps you create eco-friendly paint for kid’s and baby furniture that is above all, safe.

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Decovery® for Designers and Architects 

Whether you’re designing furniture, interiors or buildings, you need strong foundations - and that starts with the materials you choose. Discover Decovery®, a family of plant-based resins for paint that are proven to perform.

Dare to design with Decovery® plant-based paint.

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