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Time to put some plant in your paint?

Decorative applications must be able to withstand heavy, daily use while maintaining their beautiful look and feel. They also need to be safe, low in VOCs, and pleasant to be around. And they need to last. The Decovery® eco-friendly paint resin can do all this by delivering the cleanest coating resin solutions with maximum performance and minimal impact on the planet we call home.

Walls & Ceiling

With such large surface areas to cover, walls & ceilings are an ideal application for Decovery® - helping you replace crude oil-based paint…with plants. The resin creates a low-odor paint that’s durable and highly scuff and scratch resistant with the same performance as acrylic-based paint, while avoiding the yellowing effect common in alkyds. As well as being good for the planet, Decovery® is also good for people. It complies with all asthma and allergy regulations; is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other toxins; and we already have a zero-VOC product on the market.

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At DSM we have a strong heritage in resin technology for flooring. Which is why we believe this is another application that’s ripe to benefit from Decovery® plant-based technology. Until now, traditional bio-based paints have struggled to meet the tough criteria needed for hard-traffic flooring. But extensive testing from the DSM technical team shows that Decovery® is the equal to current fossil based products in the market when it comes to the qualities that count: durability, chemical resistance, wear resistance – and ease of application. 

Façade & Joinery

Whether it’s a coating for façade and exterior walls that needs to withstand the elements, or a fine finish essential for joinery applications like doors, panels and frames, Decovery® is a plant-based alternative to acrylic technology that’s proven to perform. That means an outstanding look and feel with great scuff resistance, dirt pick-up, drying time and durability; but also excellent UV stability and gloss retention delivering a coating that doesn’t flake. Meanwhile for trim and lacquer applications like doors, panels and window frames, Decovery® enables fast drying and tack-free time - and thus a quick return to service after application.

Weekamp doors opens up new possibilities with Decovery®.

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