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As an architect or designer dare to design with plant-based paint

Whether you’re designing furniture, interiors or buildings, you need strong foundations - and that starts with the materials you choose. While paint is often one of the last elements to be applied to a product, the materials you choose can make a long-lasting difference - to the health of people; to the planet; and of course, to long-term performance. Discover Decovery® a family of plant-based resins for paint that are proven to perform.

Why design with paints based on Decovery®?

The idea of returning home to walls and furniture painted with crude oil isn’t a very pleasant one. But still many coatings in the markets are largely made from fossil-based oils…this is closer to reality than many people might think. It’s time for a change with Decovery®! 

Decovery® ingredients are partially made from plants instead of crude oil with no compromise on quality. Which is why they are now being used in some of the world’s best (and best-known) paints.

Decovery® ingredients

Are made from safe ingredients and contains low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) - which means we all get to breathe fresher, cleaner air.

Can reduce the carbon footprint of a coating by up to 34% by replacing crude oil with plant-based materials like tree bark - which helps our society fight climate change. 

Are one of the rare eco-resins that delivers high-performance – enabling you to create beautiful, natural products that last.

Decovery®: Impressions from the Milan Design Week

Watch full video to learn more about Decovery® ingredients for plant-based paint. 


But don’t just take our word for it…

Consumer demand for natural, environmentally friendly products is growing – and fast. It represents a fantastic, largely untapped opportunity for sustainability-minded designers and architects to seize the initiative…and give the people what they want. Plant-based paint made with Decovery® is suitable for demanding exterior and interior applications paint in different markets and industries.

90% of people say they are willing to change their behaviour to prevent climate change according to Ikea.

73% of people recently said they would definitely change their consumption habits to reduce the environmental impact* says Nielsen.

64% of global consumers surveyed last year said they buy a product based solely on its social/political stance according to Edelman.

What do design professionals think of plant-based paint?

“I think the coating looks fantastic and like that’s made of plant waste. I really appreciated this kind of act, saving the planet from self-destruction.”

Ramon Zancanaro, Interior Designer 

Learn more about what other designers have to say about Decovery®-based paint 

How architects and designers can benefit from Decovery® - based paints?

Decovery® plant-based paint are healthier to work and live with.

Make your designs greener and more sustainable. Gain an advantage with BREEAM and LEED certifications.

Delivers equal or better performance results as oil-based paints compared to water-based alternatives.

Plant-based paint made with Decovery® is suitable for demanding exterior and interior applications paint.

Decovery® is made with renewable resources from plants and is manufactured with renewable energy.

Decovery® is currently available in many paints and coatings with leading European paint manufacturers.

Feeling Curious? Dare to design with Decovery® plant-based paint

We have the technology and there is a market. Now we just need to come together and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Together we really can effect positive change.  So, if you’re a designer or architect and you want to be a real agent for change, why not join us on our journey towards a plant-based paint with Decovery®. Together we’ll get there quicker.

If you have a product, an idea or a project that you think could benefit from Decovery®- or if you’d just like to know more about how it benefits you, your designs and society –  Take the initiative and get in touch with us. Learn how plant-based paints can support you in designing ‘greener’.

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