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Industrias Omar, constantly evolving...

For over 70 years Omar coatings is seeking opportunities to grow from over 25 different markets in the world. Omar is well known for their two most important company objectives. The first one: Offering a stable product of our current portfolio of products, with all the best possible ingredients. The second objective is their commitment to search for technology advanced products and environmental friendly materials. 

“The world of coatings has evolved continuously over the past 50 years”, said Israel Romero Sanchez – Omar’s Commercial Director. The market is always looking for materials that are less toxic to the environment and on the other hand improve the overall performance. Sustainability is always one of the key pillars for Omar, therefore the next logical step to improve their coatings is using plant-based materials. Israel Romero Sanchez end with: “This next step is really in line with our mission, vision and company values. As a company we are taking our social responsibility, as we believe a sustainable future is important” 

Plant-based resin with excellent performance

For Omar coatings, the overall performance of the product is very important. Therefore they did some testing in their laboratory. According to what we have seen in our laboratory, the change of plant-based resins in outdoor products is very positive in terms of general characteristics, said Jose Angel – Technical Director at Omar coatings. In the case of hydroxylated resin, for interior we made some slight adjustments and we discovered a slight improvement in resistance to chemical agents. Overall we are very happy with the performance of these plant-based ingredients.

“Omar is always aiming to be the reference in their sector, as do we at Decovery® as well”, said Pere Bravo – Account Manager Coatings Spain and Portugal at DSM Coating Resins. By combining the effort of Omar and Decovery®, Omar is able to create a state of the art product portfolio by combining sustainability and performance. Long lasting coating in industrial applications with reduced carbon foot prints by its plant-based binders in the application fields of furniture, joinery and flooring. 

Ruben Pleijzier - New Business Development manager at DSM Decovery® concluded, Omar has offered us a fantastic opportunity to increase the activities of Decovery® plant-based resins in industrial applications, resulting in an immediate decrease of the carbon footprint of our industry and positively impact healthy living circumstances on our planet on the long term. Together we will continue to grow our contribution to brighter lives for all, by decreasing fossil components in plant and coatings.

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