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Paint with Nature. Delivering maximum performance with minimal impact 

Decovery® contains nearly 50% plant-based content…but you can be guaranteed of 100% performance. In fact it’s proven to deliver the highest quality across a range of indoor and outdoor applications in demanding specialty products. This eco-friendly paint resin is durable and chemical-resistant; it provides a great finish with no yellowing effect; and it feels smooth to the touch. In fact, Decovery® performs equally to (and in some instances even better than) all crude oil-based acrylic equivalents. 

Most importantly, Decovery® delivers maximum performance with minimal impact on the planet we call home.

This is not your average paint resin.

From plants to performance

“It all started a couple of years ago when we decided to try and create a plant-based paint that delivered real performance for our customers. We weren’t sure if this was even possible, but our starting point was to benchmark against one of our own best-selling waterborne acrylic paint resins (called NeoCryl®) - and attempt to replicate its properties and qualities - while replacing the traditional fossil-based ingredients with plant-based ones. It was a long process. 

The biggest challenge we encountered was that for most of the available plant-based monomers, the reactivity and colloidal properties were completely different from what we were used to. Getting to grips with this was key to turning our plant-based building blocks into high-performing binders. 

But today we’ve successfully made that big first step. Decovery® is up to 50% plant-based and its performance is at least equal to (and in some cases better than) traditional waterborne equivalents. But why stop there? Work is already well underway from our R&D team here to increase both the performance level and plant-content of Decovery®.”

Maud KastelijnDecovery® science team

Plant-based paint that performs? You’d better believe it!

  • Decovery® is already commercialized in high-quality paints.

  • Bio-based content is proven (via the 14C method).

  • Up to a 34% carbon footprint reduction (externally validated).

  • DSM is a recognized leader in sustainability

Performance properties of Decovery®

The precise performance of Decovery® will always be depend on the product and application. But generally speaking this plant-based paint resin gives you. 

An excellent finish in a range of styles and colors with high gloss retention, satin and dead-matt finishes and colors that stay brighter for longer.

Outstanding durability against daily use with mechanical properties. equal to traditional acrylic waterborne in terms of scuff resistance, dirt pick-up and drying time.

No yellowing effect associated with traditional biobased (Alkyd) coatings. 

Easy to apply and use with a variety of industrial and hand-held application methods.

Zero-to-low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and toxins overall, and striving to reduce these yet further. 

A carbon footprint reduction of up to 34% based on replacing crude oil with plants. 

Plant-based performance with Decovery®: the artist’s view

“Wood furnishing coatings that are sustainable have been around for 20 years, and are not really a new thing. However, up until now, these coatings have been very inferior in quality compared to oil-based coatings. It was simply not possible to achieve the same results and long-lasting finishes with products derived from renewable sources. Iridea Bio (made with Decovery®) has changed that. We now have a sustainable plant-based coating that is resilient, resistant to chemicals, and lighfast, putting it on the same level as traditional oil-based coatings.”

Salvatore Cozzolino, Sculptor and designer, uses Iridea Bio paint – made with Decovery®

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