So what is plant-based paint resin? 

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In pursuit of a plant-based finish

Is it really possible to produce an eco-friendly, low-toxin paint made from plants that performs as well as crude oil-based paint? What types of plants are used and how much is inside each tin of paint? And what exactly is the benefit of all this to people, planet - and performance? These are the questions we began asking ourselves at DSM a couple of years ago…so we set about trying to find some answers. The result (so far) is Decovery®: the cleanest coating resin solutions with maximum performance and minimal impact on the planet.

The journey towards sustainable paint technology

How do we turn plants into paint?

How are Decovery® plant-based resins made

  • Step 1: Our scientists take the basic plant materials and convert them into tiny biobased building blocks about one seventh the width of a human hair in length.

  • Step 2: We then start fitting these blocks together one at a time (not unlike the way an architect or designer builds their creation).

  • Step 3: These structures in turn create polymers with a wide range of properties (each made from millions of sub-units known as monomers). 

  • Step 4: The resulting biobased polymers form our Decovery® family of eco-friendly paint resins. 


Sustainability: what’s the plan?

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