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Honestly clean

At DSM we’re a science leader – and Decovery® is one of a long history of innovations with sustainability at their core. For us, being sustainable means achieving three essential goals of safeguarding health, tacking climate change and reducing waste. We’re so passionate about the power of sustainability as a societal driver that we plan to (publicly) set ourselves goals in each of these three areas – and then report back on how we perform. 

Our goal is to deliver the cleanest coating resin solutions with maximum performance and minimal impact on the planet. But we’re also committed to being honestly clean. Which means acknowledging that while our Decovery® paint resin is made primarily from plants, we are not yet at 100% and some toxins remain (although at very low levels). Without doubt, this is what we need to achieve; and as soon as scale allows us, we intend to continue our journey towards a 100% plant-based resins 

The wider DSM vision for sustainability

How do we define sustainability?

  • Safeguarding health

    Creating safer ingredients by finding ways to remove potentially harmful substances (like solvents) from our products.

  • Tackling climate change

    Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide used in creating our products and tracking the environmental impact across a product’s entire lifecycle.

  • Reducing waste

    Using renewable materials (like plants) in our products.

Carbon footprint: Measuring the impact of Decovery®

  • The EU view

    "A Biobased economy uses renewable biological resources from land and sea – such as crops, forests, fish, animals and micro-organisms – to produce food, materials and energy." 

    European Commission

  • Our view

    “The European authorities want the industry to be 30% biobased by 2030. It’s our ambition to contribute to this, which we underline with our Decovery® resin.” 

    Sjaak Griffoen, Sustainability & Innovation Director at DSM

Reducing solvents in paint

Product stewardship is a major part of our sustainability agenda – which in the case of paint resin means reducing the use of toxic materials like solvents in our finished products – and thus enabling the industry to create healthy homes for people everywhere. To achieve it we’re looking beyond simply complying with the regulations and instead striving to reduce the risk of human exposure to chemicals all along the supply chain – from the painters who apply the product to consumers at work or home. 

Already there’s a zero-VOC paint on the market for walls and ceilings made with Decovery® (called Sigma Air Pure). For other indoor-architectural applications Decovery® enables a low-VOC product with a minimal amount of the most common solvent found in acrylic paint - Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). And in the spirit of being ‘honestly clean’, our team continues to work hard in lowering VOC content even further.

Our dream? To introduce 100% plant-based resin in the near future and thus lead the transformation towards a world of more sustainable paints & coatings.

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