DSM people in solar: Nicola Sicchieri

What’s important in solar?

What’s important in solar? Here Nicola Sicchieri, VP Business Development Americas, provides some quick thoughts…

It’s easy to forget that North America is the world’s second-largest market for solar power. 

The number of installations is growing all the time and we are now seeing Chinese module makers interested in setting up manufacturing in the United States. For a company like DSM we see this as an opportunity to forge new partnerships!

We are proud to have two excellent solar sites in the USA:

A working site in New Jersey, which helps to power our own manufacturing facility; and a larger one in South Carolina. This is part of DSM strategy to go 100% renewable, and we expect many others will follow. 

At DSM we work with many players in the value chain:

We are very close to the module makers, but also specifiers, and increasingly, finance professionals and bankers - who are becoming more interested and influential in the industry. 

The DSM team here is increasingly plugged into the downstream business.

With growing tax equity investment, the need for proven, sustainable solutions like those we offer (Anti-Reflective & Anti-Soiling coatings and Endurance backsheets) is a major advantage for project developers. 

We see the US as an innovative market place.

Over the last two years we’ve partnered with incubators like Greentown labs and Powerhouse to look for innovative technologies. Through our venture department in Boston we’ve already invested in multiple US startups and we intend to keep building this portfolio in the coming years.

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