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Silfab Solar & DSM enter exclusive North American alliance to develop and launch back-contact PV solar module

Parsippany NJ, US, 15 Aug 2018 15:00 CET

Silfab Solar, North America’s largest and leading PV module manufacturer, today announced a strategic alliance with DSM to mass produce high-power back-contact PV solar modules. Today’s announcement continues Silfab’s ongoing efforts to deliver the highest efficiency premium quality solar modules.

DSM recently launched a conductive backsheet that is capable of increasing module efficiency. Silfab is incorporating this reliable connectivity technology into its highest-efficiency PV solar modules to generate significant increases in energy output over conventional units.

“When you combine DSM’s innovative technology and material science capabilities with Silfab’s proven designs, we are able to realize a nearly 30% increase in output over conventional modules. Today’s announcement represents our ongoing investment to deliver the most advanced and cost-effective solar module technology to the United States residential market,” said Paolo Maccario, COO of Silfab.

“We are very excited by our Silfab partnership. Silfab and DSM are a powerful combination. As North America’s leading and most innovative producer of affordable PV solar modules, and the PV industry’s leading material science-based player, respectively, we look forward to driving adoption of the next generation of PV solar modules in the United States,” said Pascal de Sain, Vice President of DSM Advanced Solar.

The strategic partnership of DSM and Silfab brings together two companies dedicated to enhancing module power, reliability and durability in a cost-effective module made in North America.

DSM’s conductive backsheet design connects neighboring cells to transport more power from a module. Back-contact technology features all electrical contacts at the back of a solar cell, thus creating maximum space on the front of the module to capture and convert more light into energy. Silfab and DSM are concluding final testing to incorporate back-contact cells and conductive backsheets into Silfab’s product lines.

“Because of our high-precision automation, Silfab can easily incorporate the latest designs and advancements for just-in-time deliveries,” Maccario said.

Silfab has more than 35 years of solar experience and works with international partnerships to design and manufacture some of the highest-output PV modules with superior quality. Silfab continually invests in automating its manufacturing process while dedicating technicians and engineers to focus on quality control and design. New manufacturing methods, such as fully automated bussing, have helped Silfab to drive down the price of solar modules by reducing production costs.

About Silfab

Silfab Solar is a quality international leader in the development, manufacturing and distribution of ultra-high efficiency PV modules with just-in-time manufacturing. Silfab has leveraged more than 35 years of solar experience. Silfab’s state of the art manufacturing facility located in Toronto Canada has helped pioneer smart module technology, glass on glass solutions and bifacial modules. Silfab’s technically innovative process produces superior reliability and performance specifically designed for the North American market. Silfab balances manufacturing capacity between OEM partners, Silfab branded modules and new technology.

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