PVTech TechTalk webinar 2

Event description

DSM Retrofit AR coating; Unlock higher solar farm returns. With DSM, SternEnergy and Encavis.

Normally operating older PV power plants typically experience performance degradation in the range of 0.4% per annum after the first year (according to NREL). With a further 10 years of expected normal operation of such plants, asset owners can financially benefit with measurable IRR returns from repowering. There are several available options to repowering but can come with high upfront cost that can question economic returns or are simply not possible due to legacy FiT legislation.

Rethink repowering or replacing while there is a much more elegant, low risk and retrofit solution available: retrofitting with DSM Anti-Reflective (AR) coating.

In this second TechTalk webinar, DSM and its ecosystem partners, SternEnergy and Encavis discussed all the relevant aspects of in-field DSM Retrofit AR coating technology and step-by-step procedures from the perspective of investors, maintenance engineers, and asset owners.

If you missed it you can now view the full webinar including the Q&A session, right here.


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