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Spring-cleaning your solar park? Why not boost its energy output with DSM's Retrofit AR Coating?

If you’re a solar park owner, investor, or O&M engineer looking to maximize the power yield of your older solar parks and increase cash-flow this Spring, DSM’s turnkey Retrofit AR coating is the solution for you. The Retrofit AR coating is an offspring of DSM’s industry-leading Anti-Reflective coating, giving older uncoated solar modules an instant energy boost of up to 3%. Application is fast and reliable. Commercially launched in 2019, this coating has already been applied to 50 megawatt-peak (MWp) of installations in Europe, representing a big vote of confidence for this innovative technology.

During this webinar, DSM’s commercial manager Jörn Brembach will be interviewed by PV Tech’s Mark Osborne, covering everything from the science behind this solution to industrial-scale use cases done in Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. Jörn will cover the practical application process and all other aspects of this turnkey service in detail, from pre-inspection and business case definition to full data analysis of the plant, pre- and post-application. Finally, DSM will share the outcomes of two recent bankability reports: an in-depth cleaning study by DSM and a performance study by TÜV Rheinland.

So, if you’re about to carry out your annual solar park cleaning, why not take the opportunity to apply DSM’s repowering solution to your freshly cleaned solar modules?

If you missed it ( or even if you didn't) you can now view the webinar in its entirety right here.

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Date 26 May 2020 11:00 CET
Location Online webinar  

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