Conductive backsheets

Boost power in back-contact modules with our Conductive backsheet

If you’re looking to get the maximum performance from high-power back-contact solar modules, look no further than our Conductive backsheet. Its unique design delivers increased power output of 3% by reducing electrical losses and increasing the light captured by the module. All of which means you now have a viable and affordable way to bring lossless back-contact PV modules to market faster.


Until now, back-contact solar modules have failed to deliver on their potential to generate a 3% power gain largely because of the lack of availablity of an efficient and cost-effective Conductive backsheet.

Now the bright minds at DSM have solved this challenge by creating a unique patterning system (a pivotal part of the manufacturing process for conductive backsheets) that is 100 times faster than the previous approaches.

The result: a durable, scalable conductive backsheet that gets more power out of the PV modules by minimizing electrical losses.

Our Conductive backsheets are compatible with MWT and IBC cells – and are now ready and available for mass commercial production.

We’re ready for a new chapter in lossless solar energy if you are.

Benefits of Conductive backsheets for back-contact cells

  • Up to 3% higher output gain with back-contact cells and DSM Conductive backsheet.
  • Zero power loss from cells to module with lossless DSM Conductive backsheet. The power output of cells is the same as the power output of your module.
  • Proven durability in extended damp-heat (85%RH, 85°C) and thermal cycle (-40/85°C) testing: more than 3000 hours and 600 cycles.
  • Certified in modules according to IEC61215 and IEC61730.
  • Proven compatibility with various module manufacturing lines and with various interconnection pastes for contact between conductor layer and cells.
  • Flexibility in design and compatible with different cell contact configuration e.g. 5x5 or 6x6 via MWT cells.
  • Fluorine-free.

Supporting you in Conductive backsheets

We complement all this with outstanding customer service, including expert advice and technical support available wherever in the world you are.

Same sun. More power.™

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