It’s about time for the DSM Endurance backsheet

How much is solar panel backsheet failure costing your business? As the final layer on the back of a PV module, the backsheet is literally your first line of defense against the elements. Which is why we created the Endurance backsheet.

Featuring the strongest core layer in the industry, it’s the most durable PV backsheet on the market today - delivering long-term protection against moisture, mechanical stress, sand abrasion and UV. With 15 million modules installed since 2015 and zero failures…it’s built to last.

  • Why backsheets matter

    Why backsheets matter

    Of all solar modules installed in 2020, an astonishing 1% will need to be replaced because of faulty backsheets, with a potential repair bill of $500 million.

  • The strongest core layer

    The strongest core layer

    With the strongest core layer on the market, our Endurance backsheets give you market-leading protection against moisture and other threats.

  • The future-proof backsheet

    The future-proof backsheet

    Our Endurance backsheet delivers long-term, reliable performance in all climates at a competitive price thanks to an innovative single-step co-extrusion process.

  • A proven backsheet

    A proven backsheet

    Today, DSM has more than 4GW of backsheets installed in solar parks globally, totaling 15 million modules – with zero failures.

  • The recyclable backsheet

    The recyclable backsheet

    Our Endurance backsheet is fluorine free with up to a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional equivalents. It’s fully recyclable, leaving zero production waste.

  • Choose your backsheet

    Choose your backsheet

    We offer two types of Endurance backsheet: The all-purpose D series delivers affordable performance excellence for a wide range of modules. The B series offers extreme performance for specific niche applications.

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