Backsheet design and reliability

Executive summary from Black & Veatch report 195730

Industry experts, Black & Veatch, have conducted an independent report on DSM’s Endurance backsheets. Below part 1.2 of the executive summary on backsheet design and reliability.

Backsheet design and reliability

The DSM MP sheets PF B10 and B12 are fluorine-free, co-extruded backsheets comprised of three polymer layers. The outermost layer (the side that is intended to be exposed to air in the PV module) is a 25 micrometer (µm) thick polyamide film with a titanium dioxide UV stabilizer. The middle backsheet layer is made of modified polyolefin with added titanium dioxide to enhance the optical reflectivity. The innermost layer, i.e. the side that is intended to contact with the module encapsulant, is a 25µm thick modified polyolefin layer that incorporates titanium dioxide to enhance its optical reflectivity and adheres well to module encapsulants.

Black & Veatch compared the technical specifications of the DSM backsheet with those of other commercially available backsheets on the market today. Black & Veatch noted that the partial discharge value and water vapor transmission rate of the DSM backsheet were superior to those of the other backsheets.  The DSM backsheet heat shrinkage value was lower than that of other backsheets on the market. Black & Veatch also reviewed a summary of test results issued by third party testing institutions that compared the results of the DSM backsheet to those of other backsheets. The tests included heat shrinkage, peel strength, water vapor transmission rate, breakdown voltage, thermal conductivity, partial discharge, elongation at breakage, and abrasion resistance. The test results for the DSM backsheet ranked among the top. These characteristics may have a positive effect on module performance in the field

Black & Veatch reviewed several test reports issued by DSM and third-party test institutions. The results indicated that the backsheet met its technical specifications, including ultraviolet (UV) degradation, and environmental aging. Black & Veatch noted that the decrease of the tensile strength of the DSM backsheet after UV exposure and other aging tests was less than those of the other backsheets reported. This behavior may have a positive effect on module durability in the field.

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