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High-performance backsheets for PV modules

We offer two types of photovoltaic backsheet, depending on your needs: the B series for harsh environments and the D series for great all-round performance. No matter what type you choose, our backsheets are co-extruded, recyclable and made of a strong polyolefin core. 

The DSM B series backsheet

Our B series offers extreme performance for harsh environments. It’s ideal for high-power class PV modules that need to perform long-term in extreme environments. It protects against extreme humidity, saltwater, high winds with debris, and rural ammonia - preventing early module failure and maintaining bankable uptime.

  • Top-class durability performance comparable or even exceeding fluorinated backsheets
  • Suitable for extreme climates and conditions
  • Winner of the 2018 All Quality Matters (AQM) award from TÜV Rheinland.

The DSM D series backsheet

This backsheet delivers mainstream excellence, providing great all-round performance and superior durability for designers of value modules. This includes the most reliable moisture barrier and the best UV resistance and long-term mechanical performance in its class.

  • Best UV resistance and mechanical properties within mid-segment backsheet range
  • Good moisture barrier
  • Suitable for high temperature lamination processes.

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