The ultimate ‘all-purpose’ backsheet

Built on the same co-extrusion technology and super-strong polyolefin core as our existing B: series, the Endurance backsheet D15 raises the bar in performance/cost ratio by offering you the very best of both worlds…


Extreme performance and affordable

This all-purpose backsheet for mainstream applications delivers the type of high performance previously only available from the Endurance backsheet B series.

It means that you benefit from a true ‘all-rounder’ that delivers excellent moisture protection and sand abrasion resistance (plus outstanding mechanical, UV and chemical resistance) – but with a more affordable material stack based on a hard-wearing outer layer made from modified polyolefin. 

Outstanding sand abrasion resistance & mechanical properties

We know that solar parks located in extremely hot climates require solar modules with equally extreme protection for dealing with the dry and dusty desert-like conditions.

Sand abrasion is an especially big challenge for solar parks in desert-like climates - and the D15 is superior in its segment in terms of both abrasion resistance and retaining its excellent mechanical properties. Thanks to the strongest core layer in the industry, this backsheet doesn’t degrade, crack or split no matter what nature throws its way. 

Excellent moisture resistance

Unlike traditional PET-based backsheets, the core layer of Endurance backsheet D15 consists of a modified polyolefin, delivering outstanding moisture protection, thus ensuring that you maximize power gain – and bankable uptime. 

A proven backsheet

The Endurance backsheet D15 is truly a one-off. In fact, it recently became the recipient of the world’s first integrated stress sequence accelerated aging certificate - from industry leading third-party testing and certification organization, TÜV SÜD. This tough material evaluation simulates natural conditions through a combination of damp heat aging, ultraviolet aging, high-and-low temperature cycle aging, and other sequences. 

What else would you expect from a product based on a proven HPO technology platform installed in 15 million modules worldwide – with zero failures?

A sustainable backsheet

Like the rest of our Endurance backsheet family, the D15 is fluorine-free with up to a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional equivalents. It’s fully recyclable leaving zero production waste – and thanks to our unique co-extrusion manufacturing process, all the materials used are fully traceable with 100% controlled in-house formulation. 

The Endurance backsheet D15 is the latest solar innovation from DSM - and one that believe will help revolutionize the industry. So why not join us in making clean, affordable solar energy a reality for all.

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