The future-proof backsheet

It’s about time for a new industry standard

Making the Endurance backsheet

Our Endurance backsheet delivers long-term reliable performance at ultimate cost/performance ratio. So, how do we achieve it?


The case for co-extrusion

The answer lies in co-extrusion. This proven process has been used in industries like food packaging, aerospace and automotive for many years. So, the bright minds at DSM thought, why not apply it to backsheet manufacturing?

Co-extrusion is a single-step process with no adhesives that creates a super-strong, multi-material backsheet with the strength of a mono-layer and excellent adhesion - to the junction box, encapsulant and frame.

In fact, the bonding strength of the various layers of materials is so high it can’t be measured by standard tests.

Strengthening the supply chain

Another huge advantage of the DSM co-extrusion process is complete control and traceability of the backsheet supply chain. No unknown materials. No nasty surprises; total transparency; and most importantly a very cost-effective process, providing you with ultimate value for money.  

Co-extrusion enables recycling

Contrary to laminated backsheet, co-extruded backsheets are thermoplastics and can be fully remelted, reprocessed and reshaped. It’s what we call circular-by-design.

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