The recyclable backsheet

It’s about time for the 100% recyclable module

Sustainable backsheets, circular by design

The Endurance backsheet from DSM is the most sustainable PV backsheet on the market today. It’s fluorine free with up to a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional equivalents - and fully recyclable, leaving zero production waste.

DSM and sustainability: Doing well by doing good

At DSM Advanced Solar our purpose is to use our expertise in solar materials and technology to create clean and affordable energy for all - and help shift the balance of a world where some 1.2 billion people still have little or no access to electricity.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), solar PV is capable of providing 25% of the world’s energy by 2050. But if our industry is to reach that target, we’ll need novel and unique new solar materials that deliver profitability hand-in-hand with sustainability

For backsheets, this means creating products that contain non-toxic materials; that preserve precious resources; and that can be economically recycled with a lower carbon footprint. Which is why we designed the Endurance backsheet to be fluorine free with up to a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional equivalents - and fully recyclable through re-melting and shaping, thus enabling a waste-free circular economy.

Why recycle?

By 2050 it’s estimated that there will be enough modules installed on earth to build a staircase to the moon and back. If we want to avoid burying many millions of modules in landfill, the solution is simple. Design recyclable modules and start using Endurance backsheets from DSM.

pvmagazine gives Endurance backsheets the seal of approval

Our Endurance Backsheet was Highly recommended by the jurors in the 2019 pvmagazine sustainability awards. “What we especially liked was that the new Endurance non-fluorinated backsheet is designed to be fully recyclable. This embraces the spirit of this award, thinking to the future – and the cost is almost as low as that of Chinese rivals.”

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