Why PV backsheets matter

How’s your module protection?

Counting the cost of backsheet failure

As solar parks grow, so do the problems of poor-quality components. We calculated that of all solar modules installed in 2020, 1.1GW will have to be replaced because of failing backsheets - with an estimated $500 million replacement cost. But why?

Compromised backsheets: a false economy

All the common problems associated with busted backsheets – from cracking to delamination and sheer wear & tear caused by abrasion – can be avoided.

The reason these problems continue is simple enough: intense price pressure has led to thin, ‘zero-margin’ backsheets made from sub-standard (often unknown) materials and manufactured in an inefficient way. But specifying backsheets at the lowest possible cost is a false economy - and ultimately not sustainable for module makers, park owners and O&Ms. 

Rethinking the pv backsheet

Some 9% of all module failures are now related to the backsheet component, according to the IEEE. Clearly, it’s time to rethink the backsheet. Fortunately, here at DSM we’ve done it for you.

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