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Circularity Summit, Brussels, November 2019

Avient Protective Materials Circularity Summit: a collaboration across the value chain that will boost the recycling of end products made with Dyneema®.

During a 2-day summit, we invited customers, waste processors and recycling companies to address the recycling of end products made with Dyneema® fiber. The program was a combination of external speakers providing inspiration and challenges but also included workshop sessions where all parties defined the coalition together.

Wilfrid Gambade, president of Avient Protective Materials, comments: “We believe that the transition towards a more circular economy is only possible by collaborating across the entire value-chain. Through this event, our customers have clearly indicated the same belief and are ready to act…now!”​

Challenge to do more

The speakers provided ​great inspiration while also challenging us to do more. Bart van de Laar from the Circle Economy explained that 92.8 gigatons of resources are entering the global economy annually while only 8.4 gigatons are actually being recycled. So, the potential is tremendous. Lonneke Holierhoek, COO of the Ocean Cleanup (TOC), shared the challenges that have been encountered along TOC’s journey to clean up the world’s oceans and rivers from plastic. She encouraged all attendees to view failures or setbacks as “unscheduled learning opportunities.” 

Marius Smit, CEO of the Plastic Whale, challenged and encouraged the participants to start. Start working together, start with near-term success opportunities that can build on each other, and start creating impact immediately.

Together with the customers and recyclers, we jointly created the vision, themes, focus areas, and action plan for the coalition via a series of co-creation workshops. We are very proud that several companies committed (via signature) towards joining this coalition. The next steps in the upcoming months will be to establish a steering committee and create the coalition framework.

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01 November 2019

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