Dyneema® continues to drive market leadership and material innovation despite industry challenges

A LinkedIn article previously published by Marcelo van de Kamp, Global Business Director, Personal Protection.

The residual impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt across the global business landscape; however, as we collectively navigate the new normal, Avient is pleased to announce our return to tradeshows as a means to engage with valuable customers, end-users and key stakeholders throughout the value chain.

From Tuesday, October 19 – Friday, October 22, Avient will be exhibiting at booth 5 P 098 during Milipol Paris at the Paris-Nord Villenpinte Exhibition Centre in Paris, France. As the leading event for homeland security and safety, Milipol provides an opportunity for Avient to showcase the latest high-performing, lightweight ballistic armor solutions made with Dyneema® on a global stage.

This return signifies that business is back in full force – and we are grateful to have successfully navigated the challenges that emerged earlier this year. By taking extensive measures to build up our raw material stock, we were able to circumnavigate the resource shortages and operational challenges that many in the industry still face. These precautions ensured the production capacity and timely delivery of Dyneema® material during often stressful and uncertain times.

Beyond mitigating risks related to manufacturing and product supply, Avient has also continued to invest in development programs throughout the pandemic. By bringing new material innovations to market, Dyneema® is able to raise the protection benchmark for law enforcement, first responders and military service personnel responsible for keeping communities around the world safe.

In line with our commitment to protect people and the environment they live in, Avient introduced the world’s first-ever bio-based HMPE fiber – sourced from renewable, bio-based feedstock using the mass balance approach. By implementing bio-based Dyneema® fiber into all new unidirectional (UD) product offerings and program solicitations, we are able to provide our body armor manufacturing partners with material innovations that don’t sacrifice performance for sustainability.

In fact, within our bio-based Dyneema® offering, we’ve recently developed two new product grades – enabling advancements in both soft and hard armor applications. For soft armor specifically, we’ve introduced Dyneema® SB125 which addresses performance requirements particular to the European market while still improving ballistic stopping power in a lightweight, high performing solution.

Our additional focus on hard armor applications has led to a number of ballistic helmet grades designed to replace para-aramid solutions for law enforcement and military service personnel. By continuing to grow our product portfolio for ballistic helmets, we’ve been able to realize a 25 percent weight reduction when compared to competitive materials which translates to improved situational awareness, as well tactical and cognitive ability at the end-user level. Hard armor advancements – like that of Dyneema® HB30 – also show tremendous promise for additional applications like vehicle armor, inserts and plates.

Over the next six months, Avient will continue to bring additional material innovations to market; providing our customers with new product options as they design their own personal and vehicle armor offerings to protect those who protect us against today’s advanced and emerging threats.

Are you interested in learning more about how Dyneema® is continuing to drive market leadership and material innovation? If so, please contact me directly or visit us at booth 5 P 098 during #MilipolParis2021.

Marcelo van de Kamp
Global Business Director

Published on

14 October 2021

2 min


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