Dyneema® new approaches with innovation partner Midas Safety to create a more sustainable world

A LinkedIn article previously published by Eric Goddard, Business Development Manager, Consumer & Professional Protection.

Midas Safety is a global leading producer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for safety and hand protection which includes cut resistant gloves and sleeves with differentiated styles and unique coatings. Midas Safety has been a key Premium Manufacturing Partner of Avient for the range of gloves and sleeves with Dyneema®, with a long history of innovation, quality and reliability. Now, sustainability and circularity is at the forefront for product development with the launch of the range of cut resistant gloves with bio-based Dyneema® fiber, from Midas Safety.

Midas Safety produces a wide range of glove styles with Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber, which enables the optimal balance of weight, comfort and superior cut resistance performance without any ancillary reinforcement materials. Together with Midas Safety’s unique nitriles, bi-polymer and next generation polyurethane based coatings, very unique cut resistant glove styles have been developed for the market in combination with the proven Dyneema® Diamond Technology platform. This range now comes with the option to include bio-based Dyneema® fibers which substantially reduces the overall carbon footprint of the product. It is in line with the focus of Midas Safety on sustainability and circularity.

With Midas Safety’s global reach across all regions and a diversified production base in Asia-Pacific, both Avient and Midas Safety are well placed logistically to serve the leading distribution channels and end-users in the market. This partnership enables fit-for-purpose Dyneema® branded products to be offered by Midas Safety and Avient, for the demanding PPE market.

Are you interested in learning more about cut resistant gloves and PPEs using bio-based Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber, made by Midas Safety? If so, please contact me directly.

Eric Goddard
Business Development Manager

Published on

24 December 2021

2 min


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