New fit-for-purpose value based innovation from the Dyneema® Diamond Technology platform

A LinkedIn article previously published by Bruce Zhang, Senior ADTS Manager.

Dyneema® Diamond Technology enables the optimal balance of weight, comfort, performance, and value in cut resistant protective knitwear such as gloves, sleeves and garments . Avient’s newest fiber grades under the Dyneema® Diamond Technology platform, 3G19-330dtex together with 6GX19-330dtex BK (Black) and 6GX19-440dtex, are creating new possibilities for hand protection by reaching robust Levels B, C and D (ANSI A2. A3 and A4) ISO 13997 cut resistance levels without the addition of ancillary reinforcements. These are the latest range for the single yarn concept for cut resistant wearables, combining cost effective value for protection with the Dyneema® brand.

With selected reinforcements, the cut resistant levels can be extended to Levels E and F (ANSI A5 and A6). These branded fiber grades combine the best balance of cost to performance with the most value for our Premium Manufacturing Partners, licensees, OEMs and end-users. Hence, these are truly a range of fit-for-purpose and cost effective fiber grades developed under the Dyneema® Diamond Technology platform.

To enable superior dirt masking, a black 6GX19-330dtex BK grade is also added to the portfolio. This gives the black tactical appearance for protective gloves, sleeves, fabrics and garments, along with the proven level of mechanical cut protection.  

In addition, 3G19 and 6GX19 fiber grades are under the Avient’s bio-based fiber platform where the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene feedstock can be certified as Bio-based. This is a key part of Avient's bio-based product offerings which reduce overall carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels during the manufacturing process, without compromising overall applications performance.

Introducing the newest Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber grades, 3G19-330dtex, 6GX19-330dtex Black and 6GX19-440dtex

Key Features:

  • Bio-based platform offered as key option, providing sustainable low carbon footprint feature in cut-resistant wearables, with the same performance as conventional Dyneema® fibers
  • No reinforcements (i.e. fiberglass, basalt and steel) needed with Dyneema® Diamond Technology up to level D (ANSI A4) based on EN388:2016 cut resistant standard
  • Consistent in-built cut resistance of articles with Dyneema® Diamond Technology versus those made of generic standard Polyethylene fiber
  • Available in black color with the 6GX19-330dtex BK grade
  • Based on the proven Dyneema® Diamond Technology platform with a track record since 2012
  • 30% lighter weight and thinner wearables, is possible versus those made with generic standard polyethylene fiber
  • Improved dexterity and grip possible with thinner cut resistant gloves for hand protection

As the protective personal equipment (PPE) and protective garments industries continue to demand more fit-for-purpose, cost effective, and sustainable solutions, we are taking an active approach to develop new solutions with Dyneema® Diamond Technology. Are you interested in learning more about protective wearables using Dyneema® Diamond Technology? If so, please contact me directly. 

Bruce Zhang
Senior Application Development & Technical Service Manager

Published on

22 October 2021

2 min


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