Premium Manufacturing Partner Spotlight: Naveena Denim launches technical textile division to focus on denim with Dyneema®

A LinkedIn article previously published by Vincent Chua, Business Development Manager

Earlier this year, we announced an exclusive partnership with seven Premium Manufacturing Partners (PMPs) to help expand our Dyneema® fabric offerings. Each of the fabric mills selected met specific criteria related to quality, manufacturing, innovation and processing know-how of both Dyneema® fiber and fabric.

Innovation on iconic fabric

One of these partners is Naveena Denim Limited (NDL), a specialized denim manufacturer based in Lahore, Pakistan. NDL creates its innovative fabric for companies in 40 countries worldwide, with a strong emphasis on research and development leading to modern, high-performance denim.

Denim is one of the most evocative materials in clothing. For many, it symbolizes practicality, toughness, and just a touch of Old West dusty glamor. It’s made to last. And when it’s made with Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, it’s even tougher still.

Renewed commitment to technical textiles

This year, NDL is launching its technical textile division N-TECH – a dedicated area of the business housing its durable workwear fabrics and upcoming moto collection, made with Dyneema® fiber for premium performance. By combining cotton with Dyneema® fiber at varying percentages, NDL creates a range of durable textiles from everyday workwear to protective gear, all with the comfort and popular look of denim.

Expertise in fibers is a shared passion for Dyneema® and NDL. Thanks to a vertical operational model and an award-winning reputation to uphold, NDL blend their fibers and create their own yarns in-house. This makes them confident innovators in yarn technology and weaving, with their latest techniques successfully improving the wearer's experience of protective denim with Dyneema®. Because of the inherent properties of Dyneema®, their fabric is lightweight and preserves the feel of natural cotton.

Innovation for every day

And that’s important for workwear, which needs to be comfortable as well as durable for those wearing it every day. Denim can be a heavy fabric, but blending it with Dyneema® makes the overall garment much stronger without adding weight.  

But when protection is at its most crucial, such as in motorcycling gear, there has often been more of a trade-off between comfort and functionality in the past. NDL’s upcoming moto denim line plans to change that. Added stretch will make the protective fabric truly comfortable while adhering to strict testing requirements for safety and durability, thanks to the higher percentage of Dyneema® in the denim construction.  

A holistic approach to sustainability

Denim production is known for its high water consumption, and the process is often seen as a flagship issue in concerns around the fashion industry’s carbon footprint. Aware of this, NDL has set out to create the most environmentally friendly production facility possible. They’re paying close attention to energy efficiency and recycling initiatives alongside water use.

State-of-the-art equipment is found not only on the production line but also in the generator room and even on the roof, where solar panels are installed. Steam is recycled to recover heat during the dyeing process, and lights have been upgraded to efficient LEDs. NDL’s commitment to sustainability is woven into their whole business – another true anchoring point in our partnership.

Strength and style

NDL’s next-generation technical denim takes a step into the future with Dyneema®, protecting both wearers and the planet. The theme of N-TECH – “strength and style with NDL” – stays true to the traditional appeal of a well-loved pair of jeans, but it also sums up the PMP relationship as our expertise unites!

Are you interested in learning more about how Dyneema® can improve fabric performance? If so, please contact me directly or join the panel discussion at the Munich Fabric Start in Munich, Germany on August 31.  

Vincent Chua
Business Development Manager

Published on

30 August 2022


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