Unbreakable Dyneema® x carbon frame bike makes its debut in Tokyo

Recently, Avient Japan unveiled the prototype of Dyneema® x Carbon frame bike in Tokyo. With this showcase, we want to share the insights and technology behind the creation of the perfect road bike made with premium carbon fiber — Dyneema® composite fabrics. How does it compare with generic carbon material? What are the exceptional features, and how does it work?

Dyneema® - Improves impact resistance and vibration absorption

Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, is 15 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis, yet it can float on water. This combination of extreme strength and low weight makes it suitable for a wide array of applications. The Dyneema® portfolio has over time expanded to different form factors, from fiber to unidirectional sheets, to composite fabrics. The winning properties of Dyneema® composite fabrics have been brought into the frame of the bike resulting in better absorption of road vibrations and outright impacts to the frame tubing.

We are optimistic that this new material will be commercially viable within two to three years and it has sparked interest from some of the biggest manufacturers in the cycling industry.

Even lighter, stronger and vibration absorption

This prototype was first introduced in 2018. Dyneema® Composite Fabrics help improved carbon bikes’ performance in terms of impact resistance, vibrational dampening, and weight. An interesting fact is that the spoke of the wheel is also made with Dyneema® fiber. Basically, these spokes knock a good chunk of mass off the total weight of the wheels, and when compared with steel spokes, they don’t compromise on strength or stiffness to the wheel.

Kaz Maruyama, President of Avient Japan, said: “A big talking point around carbon in the last few years has been that it’s affordable and ready to ride out of the box. Carbon is king in the mountain bike world, right? Most racers are riding on carbon machines, and they often sit proudly at the top of a brand's price list, decked out in the top specifications.

But carbon is far from perfect. It's expensive, it has a questionable environmental impact, and if it goes wrong, it can go really wrong. On top of this, some riders can find it overly stiff and harsh to ride.

We discovered the best solution to these issues while enjoying the light and svelte frames carbon creates. Here you go with Dyneema® Composite Fibers. We hope to trigger wider action for more sustainable solutions with our partners. It will help further our mission to create brighter lives for all through our scientific and innovation power. I am really excited for the road that lays ahead.”

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Masashi Torinomi /Sr. business development manager
email: masashi.torinomi@dsm.com

Published on

02 September 2021

2 min


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