Protective Armor

Ballistic armor made with Dyneema® provides maximum protection in a lighter, more comfortable solution

It doesn’t matter, until it does
Never compromise

Threats tomorrow won’t look like the threats we see today, which is why we’re continually innovating our product portfolio to provide full-body protection for those that protect us.

The performance characteristics of Dyneema® unidirectional material make it ideal for a variety of applications, including soft and hard armor, to protect against advanced and emerging threats for law enforcement, first responders and military personnel.

Protective Armor with Dyneema®

The strength and versatility of Dyneema® make it ideal for a wide range of ballistic armor solutions, including soft armor, hard armor, helmets and frag knits.

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Dyneema®, Made to Protect

Armor made with Dyneema® material offers full-body protection in high performing, lightweight ballistic applications


Dyneema®, with you when it matters. Always

Dyneema®, the world’s strongest and lightest fiber, is used in a wide range of critical applications where failure is not an option


Up Armor to Protect

The most dangerous situations require protection that’s up to the task, which is why you can only trust Dyneema®

Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology

Dyneema® Force Multiplier Technology delivers breakthrough polymer science, next-generation fiber technology and unique uni-directional engineering to deliver armor solutions with increased ballistic stopping power.

In soft and hard armor applications, Dyneema® offers unmatched performance and protection without compromising on wearer comfort.

For more information on the threats stopped by Dyneema® download our infographic.

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As an ingredient brand, Dyneema® enhances the performance of a wide range of applications across a multitude of industries. Contact us to learn more about working directly with Dyneema® or look up where to buy products with Dyneema® from our licensed partners. 

Explore Dyneema® 

In fiber, fabrics and unidirectional material, Dyneema® offers maximum strength at minimum weight without compromising on comfort, protection or performance.

  • Gloves and Workwear

    Dyneema® enables safer working conditions with comfortable and cost-efficient cut resistant gloves and workwear.

  • Ropes, Lines, Slings and Chains

    Dyneema® has transformed the performance of heavy industry by making ropes, lines, slings and synthetic chains much lighter and more durable.

  • Wear and Gear

    Products made with Dyneema® are transforming comfort and confidence in the protective and lifestyle industries.

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