Ropes, Lines, Slings and Chains

Dyneema® has transformed the performance of heavy industry by making ropes, lines, slings and synthetic chains much lighter and more durable




When it matters, you can't compromise.

Increasingly tighter turnaround times, higher mounting costs and stricter safety regulations put more pressure on both operators and equipment. And when the stakes are high, you need a material you can trust. Ropes, lines, slings and chains made with Dyneema® deliver highest reliability from day one, as well as efficiency, superior service life and peace of mind to ensure safety for crew and cargo.

Looking to sail the oceans or fly over the mountains? Sailing lines and paragliding lines made with Dyneema® will give you the ultimate experience, providing superior control, unmatched reliability and performance.

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3 values to shape your future success

How can you overcome typical failure mechanisms of ropes, lines, slings and chains without compromising on performance? Benefit from the knowledge we gathered through the development of robust engineering tools, modelling systems and technology to predict fiber and application behavior. For more than 30 years, Dyneema® has been trusted by industry experts for our product innovation.

 Develop innovative high-performance rope, line, sling and chain solutions in close partnership with Dyneema®. Speak to us to co-engineer solutions and systems using our tested and proven models and methodology. Enduring success is the result of people coming together to contribute their expertise to the benefit of a shared objective. Through our commitment, we have established long-term partnerships with our customers.

How can you provide safer working conditions and reduce your environmental impact? As your partner, we aim to provide you with future-proof solutions and enable carbon footprint reduction while establishing a trusted performance. Learn more about bio-based Dyneema® fiber and how together with the industry coalition we established in 2020, we are decisively moving towards a waste-free future.

  • Anchor Ropes

    Anchor Ropes

    Go deeper using anchor ropes with Dyneema®. Read more about the advanced technology for MODU and barge mooring. Discover more.

  • Crane Ropes

    Crane Ropes

    Crane rope made with Dyneema® outperforms steel wire rope - it's stronger, safer and lighter. Ropes with Dyneema® weigh 80% less than steel wire rope at the same strength. Discover more.

  • Offshore Crane and Winchlines

    Offshore Crane and Winchlines

    Achieve the most efficient operation and discover how offshore crane and winchlines made with Dyneema® are lighter, stronger, safer and easier to handle than steel-wire ropes.

  • Lifting Slings

    Lifting Slings

    Slings with Dyneema® offer the same strength at one-seventh the weight of steel ones. They are also easy to maintain, inspect, and repair, which increases uptime and cuts costs. Discover more.

  • Draglines & Rope Shovels

    Draglines & Rope Shovels

    Mining ropes, draglines & rope shovels with Dyneema® delivers the high performance at a fraction of the downtime. Discover more.

  • Mooring & Tow Ropes

    Mooring & Tow Ropes

    Mooring and tow ropes made with Dyneema®. A proven and certified solutiontoexcuse steelwire or outperform low-cost synthetics. Discover more.

  • Paragliding Lines

    Paragliding Lines

    Paragliding is the simplest and most serene way to fulfill humankind's oldest dream -a free flight. Dyneema® in paragliding lines give you the highest paragliding experience, as it enables extreme lightweight and thin lines. Discover more.

  • Permanent Mooring Ropes

    Permanent Mooring Ropes

    Secure and reliable Permanent Mooring Ropes made with Dyneema®. High stiffness and low weight for safe station keeping. Discover more.

  • Sailing Ropes

    Sailing Ropes

    Sailing lines and cloth with Dyneema® have an unrivalled strength-to-weight ratio that is perfect to everyone from the keen weekend amateur yachtsman, to open-ocean racers, to medal-winning Olympic teams. Discover more.

  • Synthetic Link Chains

    Synthetic Link Chains

    Synthetic link chains with Dyneema® mark a massive leap forward in lifting & lashing technology. They are soft, quiet, easy to handle, and safe. Discover more.

  • Trawl Ropes & Nets

    Trawl Ropes & Nets

    Trawl ropes and nets made with Dyneema® are strong yet light, they reduce drag, helping cut fuel costs by 40%, while also making boats easier to handle - and safer.

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Lifting slings with Dyneema® SK78

Lifting slings with Dyneema® SK78 are helping realize some of the world’s largest engineering mega projects


Dyneema®, with you when it matters. Always

Dyneema®, the world’s strongest and lightest fiber, is used in a wide range of critical applications where failure is not an option


How Dyneema® helped move 2,000-tonne monopiles for a mega windfarm

Synthetic lashing chains with Dyneema® are making lashing jobs more efficient and increasing safety for people and cargo.

Dyneema® SK78, the fiber of choice

Ropes and slings made with Dyneema® SK78 fiber offer the highest safety and reliability from day one onwards. This is because they are built from an HMPE fiber material with engineered and improved characteristics to overcome the main failure mechanisms of a fiber rope and sling. As of now, Dyneema® SK78 is also available as bio-based fiber. It has the same performance specifications as conventional Dyneema® fiber but a carbon footprint that is 90% less than generic HMPE.

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Explore Dyneema® 

In fiber, fabrics and unidirectional material, Dyneema® offers maximum strength at minimum weight without compromising on comfort, protection or performance.

  • Protective Armor

    Protective Armor

    Products made with Dyneema® are transforming comfort and confidence in the protective and lifestyle industries.

  • Wear and Gear

    Wear and Gear

    Products made with Dyneema® are transforming comfort and confidence in the protective and lifestyle industries.

  • Gloves and Workwear

    Gloves and Workwear

    Dyneema® enables safer working conditions with comfortable and cost-efficient cut resistant gloves and workwear.

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