Lifting Slings

A proven and certified solution to excuse steel wire or outperform low-cost synthetics

Why choose Dyneema® SK78?

As loads become greater and timescales shorter, heavy lifting operators need their lift slings to be lighter, stronger and more compact in order to streamline and safeguard their operations, whether on- or offshore.

Steel-wire lifting slings are heavy and unwieldy to operate, rough on loads and potentially dangerous to workers. Today’s operators need the guaranteed strength of the world’s strongest fiber combined with light weight, softness and flexibility to ensure faster, safer work. Heavy lift slings made with Dyneema® SK78 offer higher precision, efficiency, and safety. They are easy to maintain and repair, increasing uptime and cutting costs.

3 reasons to choose Dyneema®

Increased Efficiency

Heavy Lift Slings enable faster operations, inspection and maintenance

Trusted Strength

8x stronger than steel wire rope at the same weight


Soft, flexible and safer for crews, loads and structures, with no ‘fishhooks’ from snapped steel wire

Renowned and certified

Dyneema® SK78 fiber is renowned for its quality, consistency and performance. This has resulted in an Approval of Manufacturing Certificate by DNV GL, and in Type Approvals by Bureau Veritas and ABS. If you want to know more about our certifications, please contact us.

Case studies

Take a look at our case studies to see how lifting slings made with Dyneema® proved to be very safe, reliable, and durable in the most demanding lifting operations.

Where to buy

Only lifting slings made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. Find your lifting slings with Dyneema®, only manufactured by our official partners.

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