Purchasing more than just a break strength

Heavy lifting slings need to be reliable in all kinds of environments and under immense pressure. So, it’s important that they’ve been engineered with different applications and environments in mind and tested thoroughly to ensure they’re up to the task. Break strength is of course an important consideration, but that is simply the first step. From life-long tension fatigue, to temperature performance, from static to dynamic loading, we put Dyneema® SK78 fiber through rigorous testing to make sure your people and cargo are safe, and they’re able to reliably work at their full capacity for longer and in all possible scenarios.


Q: What tools are used to design a sling made with Dyneema® SK78?  
A: Slings are the vital link between a high-value crane and load, so they need to be fit for their intended purpose. With DSM’s Performance Model, the fatigue lifetime of a sling made with Dyneema® SK78 can be determined based on both static and dynamic loading conditions performed in any climate. These tools also help in reducing project costs.

Q: How do slings made with Dyneema® SK78 compare to generic HMPE alternatives on tension fatigue?
A: DSM has engineered Dyneema® SK78 fiber in such way that it offers at least twice the fatigue performance of generic HMPE fibers. At fiber and at sling level. The rope temperature and fatigue models developed by DSM allow for accurate prediction of rope core temperatures in static and dynamic conditions, as well as fatigue life.

Q: What temperature conditions can Dyneema® SK78 withstand? 
A: Dyneema® SK78 fiber is scientifically proven to perform very well from -40°C to 70°C, with short-term exposure up to 100°C not causing any serious loss in performance. This is well within the operating temperatures of heavy lifting slings. Dyneema® fiber can even withstand cryogenic temperatures.

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