Sustainable manufacturing with the lowest carbon footprint

And, now available as the first bio-based HMPE fiber

With ever increasing environmental regulations, it’s important to know that your equipment reaches the highest green standards. This confidence allows you to future-proof your business and contribute towards a sustainable, circular economy. Not only is Dyneema® fiber produced with the lowest carbon footprint, but we’re now focused on becoming the first producer of renewable, bio-based HMPE fiber, which works towards your sustainability ambitions without losing any of the strength, reliability and performance standards of the Dyneema® SK78 fiber. 


Q: Why is DSM bringing a bio-based HMPE to the market?
A: DSM is delivering on its commitment to improve the sustainability footprint of Dyneema® and move towards a circular, bio-based economy.

By partnering with SABIC and UPM, we are taking the next important step in our sustainability journey and driving our industry’s transition from conventional to renewable resources.

Q: What is bio-based feedstock?
A: DSM is the first producer of UHMWPE fiber that uses renewable/bio-based feedstock.

The mass balanced, bio-based product will use renewable resources, such as residues from the sustainable wood/pulp industry. This industry is controlled by an FSC organization that monitors and sets the regulations for a sustainable use of these resources. It does not use food or feed as ingredient.

The bio-based feedstock will contribute to DSM’s and its customers sustainability ambitions while maintaining the exact same, consistent properties and performance.

Q: Beyond manufacturing methods and bio-based feedstock, what else makes Dyneema® SK78 the greener choice? 
A: Approximately 95% of Dyneema® fiber production uses renewable electricity, reducing our CO2 emissions equivalent to taking nearly 16,500 vehicles off the road for one year.

Dyneema® SK78 and DSM’s Performance Models help to provide the required backup to extend the service life of your heavy lifting slings, turning them from a ‘consumable’ into a truly sustainable asset.

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