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Delivering unparalleled cut protection, comfort and dexterity for all your hand safety needs

Why choose Dyneema®?

As well as stopping bullets and securing operation critical assets in the offshore and maritime markets, Dyneema® fibers have long been the material of choice for cut-resistant gloves – trusted for its unmatched cut protection, comfort and dexterity. 

Superior cut protection, comfort and dexterity

Dyneema® Diamond Technology is an enhanced Dyneema® fiber innovated with micro-particles in every filament, which significantly increases cut protection properties, without requiring the use of uncomfortable glass, basalt or steel fiber reinforcements. This single yarn fiber technology is also much thinner and more comfortable than any traditional materials used for cut protection.

3 reasons to choose Dyneema®


Up to 3x the cut resistance of standard HMPE fiber, Up to 40% thinner and 30% lighter than generic HMPE at the same cut protection level


The thinner advanced fibers in Dyneema® Diamond Technology radiate heat away from hands for all day comfort, without compromising cut protection

Certified and Compliant

Certified to the new EN388 (ISO13997) level D and ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 (A4) standards. Compliant with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Product Class II, European REACH regulations, EU and US Regulations on Materials in Contact with Food

Industrial workwear with Dyneema®

When used for Industrial workwear, woven or knit fabrics with Dyneema® deliver the most superior technology for the strongest ultralight fabrics. In addition to being durable and lightweight, the fabrics are also soft and cool to the touch. Dyneema® fiber can be used separately in either the warp, weft or, together in both directions. Used in technical woven fabrics for workwear protection, it can be added either as a filament reinforcement yarn or blended in with cotton. In a knitted composition, Dyneema® yarns can be combined with synthetic or natural yarns, while both Circular and Warp knit can be tailored depending on the need. Products with woven or knit fabrics with Dyneema® have been used for jobs in forestry, food industries, as well as many other uses where there is a need for cut or slash protection.

Where to buy

Only cut-resistant gloves made with Dyneema® bear the Dyneema® diamond. Find your cut-resistant gloves with Dyneema®, only manufactured by our official partners.

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