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As an ingredient brand, Dyneema® fiber, UD and fabrics are used to enhance the performance characteristics of a wide range of products across a multitude of industries and applications. If you’re interested in buying end-use products made with Dyneema®, use the filtering selections below to find our licensing partners based on region and application type.

If you’re interested in buying Dyneema® products directly from DSM, please contact us for more information.

AMEC × APAC × EMEA × Denim with Dyneema® × Dyneema® Composite Fabrics × Knits with Dyneema® × Woven with Dyneema® × Anchor Ropes × Crane Ropes × Deepwater Installation Ropes × Draglines & Rope Shovels × Lifting Slings × Mooring Ropes × Paragliding Lines × Permanent Mooring Ropes × Sailing Ropes × Synthetic Link Chains × Cut Resistant Gloves × Dummy × Air Cargo Nets × Aquaculture Nets × Trawl Nets & Ropes × Dummy × Dyneema® Fiber ×

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