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  • 'Lankhorst Ropes

    'Lankhorst Ropes

    Lankhorst Ropes is a world leading supplier of synthetic fibre ropes for the maritime and offshore industries.

  • Atlantic Braids

    Atlantic Braids

    Atlantic Braids Ltd. is a Canadian rope manufacturer. We make quality cordage and synthetic fiber ropes which can be further customized to suit your needs.

  • Bexco


    BEXCO is a leading European manufacturer of precision-engineered synthetic mooring, towing and lifting ropes for offshore, marine and industrial applications.

  • Bridon-Bekaert Chile

    Bridon-Bekaert Chile

    Bridon-Bekaert The Ropes Group holds over 300 years of specialized experience in synthetic ropes and cords solutions, serving thousands of customers globally.

  • DSR


    DSR develops and manufactures ropes for construction, mining, and fisheries.

  • Doleco USA Inc DoNova® Chain

    Doleco USA Inc DoNova® Chain

    Doleco USA is dedicated to providing not only the widest array of products including rope assemblies, web and chain slings, as well as all types of load securement, but Doleco USA can provide the engineered solutions to all of your lifting and securement application needs.

  • Dolezych DoNova® Chain

    Dolezych DoNova® Chain

    The name Dolezych has stood for competence and performance for about 85 years. Dolezych produces products that meet the most exacting demands for quality.

  • Dynamica Ropes

    Dynamica Ropes

    Dynamica Ropes is a global supplier of ropes made with Dyneema® fiber for various applications in Offshore, Wind, Maritime, Oil&gas, Lifting Mooring, Towing, Fishing, Seismic and the glider industry.

  • Hampidjan hf

    Hampidjan hf

    Hampdijan is a proud supplier of Commercial Fishing Gear, Offshore Ropes, Maritime Ropes, Mooring Ropes and Heavy Lifting Gear.

  • Lift-Tex


    LIFT-TEX® is a Dutch based manufacturer of Heavy Lift Slings, Round Slings, Lashing Systems for heavy transport and protections. Custom made products and fast delivery time are key to our production process.

  • Marathon Belting Ltd

    Marathon Belting Ltd

    Marathon is well equipped to manufacture a range of textile solutions for different applications and to provide the necessary design and technical support required.

  • Offshore & Trawl Supply AS

    Offshore & Trawl Supply AS

    Offshore and Trawl Supply (OTS) is a leading manufacturer of synthetic fiber ropes for operational installations in the offshore oil and gas market.

  • SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG

    SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG

    SpanSet GmbH & Co. KG is a leading manufacturer in products for fall protection, lifting and load securing systems from high-strength synthetic fibers. It oversees 26 company representative offices in Germany and also has presence in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria.

  • Spanset USA

    Spanset USA

    SpanSet, Inc. was established in Sanford, North Carolina in 1980. SpanSet quickly became recognized as an authority in the production of webbing used in the manufacturing processes of flat webslings, roundslings, cargo control and fall protection products.

  • Technotex


    We are producing technical textile for 20 years. We are exporting flame resistant, flame retardant, and anti-bacterial products to 55 countries.

  • Tecnotextil Brasil

    Tecnotextil Brasil

    Tecnotextil is a recognized synthetic slings manufacturer for cargo handling in Latin America, offering various custom-engineered rigging solutions made with Dyneema®.

  • Yale Cordage

    Yale Cordage

    Yale Cordage began in 1950 with a belief that synthetic material and high-quality braiding techniques could transform the cordage industry. Rooted in applications engineering, our end-to-end approach allows us to deliver the best products and services customized to solve your unique problems. With durable materials and industry-recognized coatings and wear resistance, Yale's expert engineering produces a superior product from core to finish.

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