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  • Ansell


    Ansell is a world leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions that enhance human wellbeing.

  • BM Polyco Ltd

    BM Polyco Ltd

    Polyco Healthline is a leading provider of protection and hygiene products and services in the workplace and home.

  • Banom Glove

    Banom Glove

    Banom is a manufacturer of cut resistant gloves for the sheet metal, glass, paper, and food industries.

  • Beaver


    Beaver Brands (Beaver) is a national manufacturing, import and wholesale business specialising in the provision of reputable, quality and innovative branded products within the areas of materials handling, lifting and load restraint, height safety and fall prevention as well as personal protective equipment.

  • Bob Dale Gloves & Imports Ltd

    Bob Dale Gloves & Imports Ltd

    At Bob Dale Gloves (BDG), we're committed to supplying the right work gloves for the hazards you face. Learn about our company and hand protection solutions.

  • Ejendals AB

    Ejendals AB

    Our vision is to create a safer day with zero injuries to hands and feet, for the benefit of the employee, the company and society.

  • Juba PPE

    Juba PPE

    65 years dedicated to the manufacture and import of gloves and work clothes with a clear vocation: to offer the best and widest range of products dedicated to individual protection.

  • Lynn River

    Lynn River

    Established in 1969, Lynn River has almost 50 years experience in selling gloves.

  • MCR Safety

    MCR Safety

    MCR Safety, offers work gloves, protective eyewear, safety glasses, rainwear, rain suits, and apparel.

  • Majestic Glove

    Majestic Glove

    Majestic is committed to your safety. We provide reliable and quality personal protective equipment for the roughest work conditions.

  • Neri S.p.A.

    Neri S.p.A.

    In 1971 William Neri, already active in the trading of working gloves and rubber items guesses the potentialities and dynamics of an emerging sector and establishes Neri. The company identifies immediately the market needs and specializes in the production and trading of working gloves and the first DPI devices.

  • Oxxa


    OXXA Safety Gloves are made to protect. For any profession that demands safety and comfort there is an OXXA glove that will provide a perfect fit.

  • Protective Industrial Products

    Protective Industrial Products

    Protective Industrial Products (PIP) is one of the leading suppliers of Personal Protective Equipment to industrial distributors globally.

  • Rostaing


    Rostaing is the high-quality glove brand with over 15 million users every day.

  • TraffiGlove


    The hand protection specialists. Traffi are the originators of the colour-coded safety glove system.

  • Uvex


    Whether on the slopes or at work, uvex provides reliable protection in any situation. For this reason, the core mission of our company group is protecting people.

  • Vandeputte


    Vandeputte, your partner in safety · Protecting 1 million people, every single day.

  • W+R Industry

    W+R Industry

    W + R has been developing and producing gloves for a wide variety of uses for over 90 years. Always on the lookout for new technologies and materials to offer you optimal protection and maximum comfort.

  • World Fibers

    World Fibers

    Established in 1990, World Fibers Inc. is the sister company of World Elastic Corp. and produces high performance engineered yarns for knitting, weaving and braiding.

  • Worldwide Protective Products

    Worldwide Protective Products

    Worldwide Protective Products is a leading manufacturer of high performance hand and body protection. We specialize in cut resistant gloves, sleeves and garments.

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