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K Fair 2019: Announcing bio- and recycled-based alternatives for our complete portfolio

At DSM, we have a strong track record of sustainable innovations in engineering plastics. From developing the bio-based EcoPaXXArnitel and ForTii Eco, to driving an initiative that upcycles discarded fishing nets to create Akulon RePurposed, we have been a leader in our industry time and time again.

Building on this history, our commitment to offering the complete range of our existing products in a bio- or recycled-based format by the end of the next decade is a big step forward in driving the transition to a circular and bio-based economy.

Indeed, as an immediate first step today, we have just launched bio-based grades of our Arnitel and Stanyl manufactured through a mass-balancing approach of bio-based feedstock. Importantly, these bio-based alternatives result in the same quality end materials with the same standards as the conventional grades, meaning that customers don’t need to change their tools or equipment, or requalify our materials.


And what exactly is a bio- or recycled-based material? Our commitment means that, as a minimum, each of our grades in the alternative portfolio will contain 25% recycled- or bio-based material, which does not compete with feed-food systems.

Developing this portfolio of alternatives will involve a significant resource investment by DSM Engineering Materials over the coming years. But it is a challenge we must and will undertake: together with our customers and partners, we can drive our industry to a more sustainable future, without compromising on the functional performance of our products and materials.

In the coming months and years, we will work with more parties within our industry— including our suppliers, customers, collaborative partners and even competitors—to lead the transition toward more circular and sustainable materials. I hope that our full range of bio- and recycled-based alternatives will serve as an inspiration to these parties, because together we can make great things happen!

Want to know more? If you’d like to find out more about our full range of bio- and recycled-based alternatives, feel free to reach out to me or check out our full press release here.

Jan-Pedro Vis

Director Global Procurement & Sustainability

Published on

17 October 2019


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Akulon RePurposed PA6 is a great example of our commitment to sustainable solutions.

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Jan-Pedro Vis

Director Global Procurement & Sustainability

Jan-Pedro Vis is the director of global procurement and sustainability for DSM Engineering Materials. He has worked at DSM for 11 years in a variety of different positions, in supply chain, marketing and sales and procurement. Jan-Pedro attended Delft University of Technology and holds a master's degree in system engineering and policy analysis.

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