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DSM Engineering Materials wins SPE Powertrain award

During last month’s Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Central Europe Automotive Award Ceremony for outstanding developments of plastic parts for vehicle construction in Düsseldorf, Germany, DSM Engineering Materials took home first prize in the powertrain category. Together with partners Montaplast GmbH and Daimler AG, DSM developed an innovative clean air duct with integrated resonator. 

“I was proud my team won this award and their customer centric work had been recognized accordingly,” said Christian Meermann, regional sales manager DACH, DSM Engineering Materials. “Through their efforts, we found the right material solution to improve the air management system design.”

Thanks to advanced tool technology, teamwork and a combination of DSM’s Arnitel® TPC & Arnite® PBT material, the winning application integrates multiple features while reducing weight and costs. 

In addition, this out of the box material solution is an example of sustainable innovation in an important application area.

“I was proud to be part of the team to develop such an innovative part,” said Christian Kilgus, business development manager DACH, DSM Engineering Materials. “I want to thank my colleague Ulrich Striebel (he was unable to attend the award ceremony), and his efforts to partner with Montaplast and Daimler to advance the project. Overall, this was very dynamic with project phases that had challenging part design.”

Since 1992, SPE Central Europe has been awarding the Automotive Award every year and a half for the most innovative plastic parts and components in vehicle construction. All submissions are evaluated by an independent jury, which includes experts from all areas of plastics technology, according to a points system based on product- and industry-specific criteria. 

Pictured from left to right is Alexander Benz, Montaplast account manager, Daimler; Lars Zimmermann, Montaplast project manager; Jochen Holighaus, project manager, Daimler; Christian Kilgus, DSM Engineering Materials ADM; Christian Meermann, DSM Engineering Materials technical manager, EU DACH; and (missing in picture) Ulrich Striebel, DSM Engineering Materials, account manager Montaplast.

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21 October 2021


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Candace Roulo

Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development

Candace Roulo is Global Manager of Messaging and Content Development for DSM Engineering Materials. Based in Troy, Michigan, she specializes in writing blogs and articles about advanced materials solutions. Prior to joining DSM, Candace served in editorial roles at SME and Penton Media. Candace earned her bachelor’s degree in communication, specializing in public relations, at Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences.

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