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DSM’s commitment to sustainability displayed at Evansville plant renovation project

When you become a manufacturing partner with DSM, you can rest assured that you are working with a company in which sustainability is a long-standing value. We have implemented numerous sustainability initiatives and we can share with our customers proven sustainability solutions that can help them become more sustainably focused too. 

Sustainability has become increasingly important to individuals, companies, and societies worldwide.  Many companies around the world are implementing sustainability initiatives to help maximize and preserve our planet’s resources.

At DSM Engineering Materials, sustainability is a common thread that runs through everything we do. As a DSM manufacturing partner, you will share in what we call our triple bottom line: People first, planet second, and profit third.

Our near-term corporate commitments to sustainability include reducing our carbon footprint, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and switching our plants to renewable power sources. In addition, by 2030 DSM Engineering Materials will offer a full alternative range of its existing portfolio containing at least 25% recycled and/or bio-based content by weight in the final product. This will help our customers make more sustainable choices and meet their own sustainability initiatives. 

A brighter plant, a brighter future

Examples of DSM’s sustainability commitments can be found at the ongoing renovation and expansion of our manufacturing facility in Evansville, Indiana.

The modern technologies being implemented at our Brighter Evansville site include a recycle-based water process to reduce the amount of water lost during extrusion, and a new start-up process that will help us reduce the amount of scrap generated in the building.

In the extrusion process, we use water for cooling our high-quality thermoplastic strands. In the past, we ran the extruded strands through a cooling table, and some of that water would be wasted down the drain. With our new closed-loop system, the cooling water gets captured, re-cooled, and reused.

We are reducing the scrap we generate by using a new technology for how we start up the extrusion line. Compared to our old manual process, the new automated start-up process allows us to be much more efficient at capturing the startup material and getting it into the final product.  

Our support of renewable energy runs deep. Many of our plants use renewable energy and energy credits. At the Evansville facility, we looked at our network of sites within North America and worked with some of the larger renewable energy suppliers to purchase renewable energy credits for our facilities.

The bottom line is that sustainability is important to us, and we know it is important to you and your customers too. Allow us to share in and help you achieve your sustainability goals. At DSM we are committed to creating brighter lives for all, and a brighter future for our shared planet.

We sincerely appreciate the ongoing hard work of our colleagues in Evansville and the global operations team to make the Evansville facility project a reality. We look forward to its anticipated completion in 2022. I encourage anyone with questions to reach out to their account manager or contact us.

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02 August 2022


  • Sustainability

Safety remains the No. 1 priority at DSM Brighter Evansville facility

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David Miller

Site Director DSM Evansville

Dave Miller has been the Site Director for DSM’s Evansville facility for more than 5 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from West Virginia University and MBA from Indiana University.