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ForTii ® Ace MX53T: The high-temperature PPA that’s easy to process

When molders consider high-temperature engineering plastics for their projects, they often have concerns about how easy these materials are to process. They’re unsure about what hardware should be used, or whether their injection molding machines can support the high melt temperatures needed to process some of these materials.

DSM wanted to ensure we had a polyphthalamide (PPA) material that molders, tiers and OEMs would be able to work with. Our ForTii Ace MX53T grade is a PPA material based on our patented PA4T technology. It has a high glass transition temperature of 150°C and excellent chemical resistance, making it an ideal material for use in structural automotive parts, thermal management in under-the-hood applications or for heat shields in outdoor equipment.

Building on our deep knowledge of the 4T polymer chain, we conducted extensive in-house testing and commercial trials with molders to ensure we had a material that was easy to process. We also tested using abuse settings, and still found that the material demonstrated easy and stable processing. Our testing has generated substantial data that supports the feedback we received from molders: ForTii Ace MX53T is a stable material that’s easy to process within our established guidelines, and is ready for mass production.


Mold temperature

ForTii Ace MX53T can be used within a wide range of tool temperatures. For the optimal balance between mechanical, chemical and aesthetic properties, we recommend using temperatures of 140-160°C. For enhanced surface aesthetics, a molding temperature of 160-200°C is preferred. The material’s melt temperature falls in the range of 340-360°C. Designed for use at high temperatures and with a longer residence time, ForTii Ace MX53T still demonstrates stable processing at abuse settings.

Mold residence time (MRT)

ForTii Ace MX53T is easily molded in combination with a hotrunner. It provides a robust maximum MRT of six minutes, with a total residence time of 12 to 15 minutes. After monitoring the output of 800 shots, it demonstrated a stable cushion of 3.2mm, with a standard deviation of 0.4mm. This robust MRT ensures the material has a broad processing window.

Mold deposit

Our comprehensive testing left no mold deposit within the cavity of the mold. There was a small amount of deposit seen in the venting area at the end of the flow, demonstrating the need for proper venting of the tool.

Compared with competitive materials with a high glass transition temperature, ForTii Ace MX53T demonstrates stable processing within a broad processing window, enabled by our 4T technology.

Contact us today about any concerns you may have about processing our high-temperature PPA material.

Ad Bosch

Injection molding technical service specialist

Published on

02 July 2019


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Ad Bosch

Injection molding technical service specialist

Ad Bosch is injection molding technical service specialist at DSM

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