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Save the Date: You are invited to attend Advanced Materials Forum India & Southeast Asia, Sept. 8, 2021

With one month away from DSM’s Advanced Materials Forum (AMF) India & Southeast Asia on Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021, we are very excited to offer you the opportunity to attend this 100% free online event.

The AMF India & Southeast Asia will gather the brightest minds in materials science to give you the latest best practices and applications insights in the industry, along with cutting-edge innovations and advancements.

The beauty of AMF India & Southeast Asia is that you can access the event from your home-office computer or anywhere there is a WIFI connection. AMF India & Southeast Asia is not only easily accessible, it is sustainable too—no air travel or hotel accommodations to offset, nor any plastic cups or silver wear to throw away after the event. 

Materials Science, Sustainability and Industry Applications 

The online event features education-building resources, including sessions targeting two tracks:

  • Material Science & Sustainability
  • Industry Applications

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in sustainability initiatives and bio-based plastics, plus design considerations for engineered applications and the importance of utilizing electronics-friendly polyamides. In addition, experts will explore key material trends in the healthcare, water contact, and automotive segments, including electric vehicle charging plugs and how to make electronic components thinner, stronger and safer. You will hear from industry veterans that have seen it all and get their perspective on the future of the material science.

Who should attend?

Senior engineering and design leaders in India and Southeast Asia seeking to improve automotive, electronics, electrical, healthcare and water contact applications through material science innovations are encouraged to attend AMF. Engineers and designers looking to learn about innovative materials solutions that can be applied to applications in the above-mentioned industry sectors are also welcomed to join this virtual forum.

Stay-tuned for more event details!

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26 July 2021


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Anand Diwanji

Business Director, India – DSM Engineering Materials

Anand joined DSM in August 2008 and worked in various roles within Operations & Sales-Marketing. He holds a Masters degree in Management Science & a Bachelors of Engineering from University of Pune.

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