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When serendipity inspires innovation

Learn how a friendly game of tennis and conversation among scientists led to the invention of the world’s leading material for high-temperature applications

When serendipity inspires innovation

The story of Stanyl polyamide 46 (PA46)—an industry-leading high-temperature thermoplastic—starts more than 40 years ago, when there was concern of a possible cotton shortage and that soon only food production would be a priority cornering the cotton industry. Out of this concern came a need to replace cotton with a new synthetic fiber, and during a friendly game of tennis, DSM and Chevron scientists discussed developing Nylon 4.

This was the driver for the Nylon 4 research project at DSM. Although the project wasn’t considered successful, it laid the groundwork for large scale production of the PA 46 raw material diaminobutane.

According to Ruud Rulkens, research scientist for DSM, serendipity often inspires innovation, especially in the case of Stanyl. Scientists were open minded to the results gained from the Nylon 4 research project. They did not view the project as a complete failure, but as an experiment in which they gained valuable information that would be the groundwork for the invention of Stanyl. 

To learn about the innovative product development of Stanyl, watch this Tech Talk “Stanyl 30 years strong: the story of the world’s most successful high-temperature polyamide” presented by Rulkens. 

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Tech Talk: Stanyl 30 years strong: the story of the world’s most successful high-temperature polyamide

Today, the world’s leading automotive, electronics and industrial equipment manufacturers leverage the unique properties of Stanyl to solve complex design challenges. To learn more about the Stanyl family of PA46 solutions and key applications, follow the link below.