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At DSM Engineering Materials we are looking for talent that will push boundaries. Come join us—you will have many opportunities to apply your creativity and grow personally and professionally—and Do Something Meaningful. 

Our science and materials are changing the world. What about you?

Our world becomes more mobile and connected every day – on the road and in the home, in the office and on the street. The markets increasingly requires innovative solutions that make people’s lives safer, more convenient and healthier, while addressing the challenge of climate change.

We at DSM Engineering Materials make the high performance materials that make the next generation of game changing ideas in connected cars and mobility a reality - for our customers and end consumers alike.

We firmly believe that you don’t get far in life without taking a few risks, breaking the rules and coming up with the occasional mad idea. But we will never ever compromise on safety, our core value. It’s not for the faint-hearted. Which is why we rejoice in non-conformity and we reject the ‘regular’. So if you’re looking for a career with a difference…you’re in the right place.


So what are we looking for?

  • You’ll love customers:  we want people who are less interested in pleasing their boss, more focused on delighting the customer.
  • You’ll be curious:  we’re a science-based company – our entire business is based on asking questions, stupid or otherwise.
  • You’ll be creative:  if we need to explain this further, maybe we’re not the company for you.
  • You’ll be bold and optimistic:  In the words of Henry Ford, whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t…you’re probably right
  • You’ll be fast & agile:  we work in very fast-moving and dynamic industries where speed is essential, so we need equally dynamic and fast people.

And what do you get from us?

  • Freedom to come into a working environment every day where there’s little bureaucracy or formality.
  • Empowerment to follow your heart, to take risks and make your own decisions - and get the job done.
  • Team mates of likeminded people who (like you, we hope) want to make their mark on the world – and have some fun doing it.
  • Opportunity to learn in a global organization, from some of the most respected professionals in their industry.

Start your future now

We offer a vast array of exciting career opportunities accross the globe which will allow you to make a positive impact on the world today and generations to come.

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Solutions for a smarter world

Our world becomes more mobile and connected every day on the streets and in our homes and offices. Together with the introduction of circular design thinking, these trends are driving a strong demand for engineering plastics. With our high performance materials and in-depth technology know-how, we work in close collaboration with customers to develop applications that are lighter, stronger, safer and more durable, enabling them to stay ahead through the use of cutting-edge technology

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