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High Performance Plastics for Doors

As the aesthetic and haptic requirements for handle systems increase, so too does the need for new materials that offer high performance for both painted and unpainted parts. That means high UV stability when unpainted; and smoothness and adhesion when painted. Our Akulon family of polyamide 6 thermoplastics address both these needs…and more. DSM has a global portfolio of UV-stabilized grades of its glass fiber reinforced Akulon polyamide 6 that are particularly suitable for parts made using gas-assist injection molding technology, such as door handles.

Whether producing ‘pull’ or ‘flap’ style exterior door handles, one of the biggest challenges for any manufacturer is finding tough, durable materials that can also provide a high-quality surface finish.

Our response to this challenge is Akulon - a tough plastic with excellent stiffness and impact resistance, being used by customers for a wide variety of painted and unpainted applications worldwide – for both door handles and supporting components.

Unpainted exterior parts need to be produced in the color defined by the OEM. UV stability a critical need here, which is why we offer a variety of UV-stabilized, glass-fiber reinforced grades of Akulon. Most importantly, our state-of-the-art technology offers attractive cost benefits for manufacturers.

For years we’ve served the automotive market’s need for painted door handles. That means helping our customers produce parts that can have a high-quality surface coating - whether paint or chrome – with very low surface roughness and good adhesion capability. And in the case of high-flow grades like Akulon Ultraflow we also offer excellent heat stabilization for even better results.

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