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Improving efficiency & lifetime of fuel cells

Improving efficiency & lifetime of fuel cells

In the fuel cell market, many companies are competing, and it is a “winner take all” environment. You need to be first to market and do it right. If not, there could be repercussions for your brand. Material selection will have a strong influence on first-time right by improving lifetime, efficiency and safety.

Fuel cell systems need to use materials that are pure. If not, ion leaching and hydrolytic and heat aging can occur. These two failure modes and the risks and consequences can hurt your brand image. Impure materials increase the risk of ion leaching, and higher water absorbing materials show more ion leaching, which you do not want. Also, impure materials increase the risk of hydrolytic and heat ageing— PA9T and PA66 are not good performers. 

Impure materials increase the risk of failure

Main ion leaching source is the breakage of interface between the GF and polymer matrix. Material cation ion leaching is strongly related to material water up-taking. GF enforced material has more leaching than material itself.

Material ions leaching relative indication

Higher water absorbing materials tend to show more ion leaching

Hydrolytic and heating aging modulus

Xytron PPS is best in class amongst all Polyamides & PPS

DSM’s tailor-made PPS is the purest material solution on the market today and offers the best in performance in fuel cells available today.

  • Lowest ion leaching of its kind, up to 120°C
  • Best strength and toughness retention in hydrolytic environment
  • Best dimensional stability, fatigue and creep resistance
  • Best weld line strength before and after hydrolytic and heat aging

Today, Xytron PPS is trusted by industry-leading manufacturers and Tier1s worldwide. Xytron PPS offers the lowest ion leaching and best strength and toughness retention in hydrolytic environment to ensure fuel cell systems are efficient, have a long life, and are safe and reliable. At DSM, we are constantly evolving our material solutions to meet the demand for fuel cell applications.

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During this 60-minute Talk, find out the latest insights about hydrogen fuel cell technology, and its advantages over lithium ion batteries (LiBs), plus what are the best materials solutions for these hydrogen fuel cell systems and components.


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