Envalior’s unique materials enable cutting-edge design, higher performance in thinner Tablets. Our material enables more computing power in a smaller space.

Enabling the next generation of tablets

Consumers enjoy the ease of using tablets for social media, web surfing, and streaming video content. As mobile connectivity continues to grow, tablets remain an important part of the mix of mobile devices available. Smartphones and tablets have changed the way we consume video content, find information, and stay connected.

Our solutions empower you to design the next generation of mobile electronics. Together with our team of application experts, our unique materials enable cutting-edge design, higher performance in a thinner device, and the ability to unlock the full potential of sensor data transmitted via the Internet of Things (IoT).

As we demand more from our mobile devices, they demand more from the materials used to manufacture them. More computing power in a smaller space needs plastics with high heat resistance. Wires and connectors need halogen-free flame retardancy to reach safety and sustainability targets. Our portfolio includes materials that meet all these requirements.

Featured customer applications

USB-C Connectors

Electronics | Desktops / PCs

Glass-reinforced ;Provides up to 50% more wear resistance compared to other high temperature polyamides ;Enables thinner wall designs ;Halogen and red phosphorous-free grades are available

Audio Jack Connectors

Electronics | Connectors

Cost-effective; High flowability; Low moisture absorption; Flame retardant
  • PA4T PPA - ForTii®

    PA4T PPA - ForTii®

    ForTii has a unique PPA's technology with high amide density. The ForTii platform includes polymers that are the highest crystalline, highest melting point and highest glass transition temperature amongst all PPA.

  • TPC - Arnitel®

    TPC - Arnitel®

    Arnitel is a high-performance ThermoPlastic Copolyester (TPC) that offers you a unique combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance and strength - plus excellent processing characteristics.

Featured products

With our broad, high-quality materials portfolio and in-depth technology know-how, we work in close collaboration with customers to develop new applications in response to the search for lighter, stronger and more durable materials.

Here's a selection of some of our most recognized brands and products, keeping you ahead of the curve and enabling you to lead the market through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Learn about Envalior and integrated electronics

Integrated electronics, a revolutionary technology to put electronics in plastics. They enable cars to be lighter and safer, electronics to be more functional and comfortable. They make our lives more comfortable.

Envalior is your partner for integrated electronics, today and tomorrow. With proven solutions, a portfolio of LDS materials, expertise and processing knowledge, we are ready for your challenge.


How can we help you?

We take a scientific approach to building solutions. Our dedicated teams work closely with our customers to look at the entire process of developing new parts and components – whether it is a case of metal replacement, or developing solutions that are stronger, safer and more effective. Our methodical approach extends to every step of the process, from design and material performance to production and compliance.

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